Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pre-K Day 6

The newness is gone. He was asking this morning when he didn't have to go to school anymore. I said in the summer time, to which he replied, "IT IS SUMMER!"  Ahhh. I don't like this.  He got in quite a bit of trouble yesterday.  I hate that. I hate it for him, for his teacher, for his experience, for everything.  He is acting out.  One little boy "X" in his class must be a real troublemaker because it is the ONLY boy (or girl) that Jackson knows his name in the whole class. There are 23 kids and 2 teachers! :( Anyway, X got sent home yesterday from school for his poor behavior.  I am worried that might be why Jackson is acting up so he can come home.  It makes sense from his standpoint.

He just says no one will play with him. I don't know how they "all know each other" except for him, but I feel so sorry for him. I love him. I am biased. I think he is super cool! But I know he can be rough and he doesn't always know boundaries, especially personal space...but really, he is awesome. He just needs a friend. He says Colton plays with him but that is all and since they aren't in the same class, it's rare.

I want desperately for this to be a great experience! i have a meeting tomorrow at 8:30 (hopefully) to discuss how we can better prepare him and equip him for the classroom and to make friends, and of course, good choices! :)

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khowze said...

I think Jackson is super cool too!!The other kids will soon figure that out :)