Thursday, August 25, 2011

Big Brothers

(this is from the other morning at breakfast (Jeff took it) and he does this every morning!)

I always wanted a big brother.  But seeing as how I had a little brother and I was the big sister, that just wasn't likely. I survived.

However, I was thrilled that we had a boy first.

Today I got to witness firsthand one of the reasons I wanted a big brother. I am thrilled and my heart was swelling inside my chest like you couldn't believe. I didn't bring my camera but I'll forever have the pictures etched on my heart.

Jackson wanted me to come to lunch with him today (I will be so sad when he thinks I am weird and is embarrassed by me so I am eating it up while he still thinks it's cool to have mom around). I figured today would be a good day because Charleigh was at Mother's Day Out and I would just have Creighton and she could eat there too.  So we went (and we were running late, imagine that) and so he was already eating when we got there.  But they relocated us to a different table so we could all sit together. Creighton went through the line and got her tray and he waited patiently for us all the while.  We ate together and it was so fun.  Then Creighton wanted to go to recess with him, I said she had to ask him. He said, "yeah, that's fine with me!" I was thrilled he didn't break her heart.

We get in line to head out to recess and he holds her hand tenderly as he is talking to his new buds.  He didn't care at all what they thought (and I don't think at this age they would have thought it was too weird anyway, thankfully).  It was just sweet.  But once we got out on the playground he made sure she was with him every step of the way. The boys wanted to play one game and she suggested another and he talked them all into playing what she wanted to play.  What 6 year old does that? I think he's pretty spectacular.

Then another time they were playing on this apparatus that is similar to swinging poles with foot stools attached and she got scared (there were a million kids playing at the same time, so I was scared for her too) and he went first and then came back let her go and then followed behind her so sweetly.  He made sure she didn't fall and encouraged her the whole time.  He's awesome.

They ran around and played and held hands on and off.  Jackson's best bud is THE tallest Kindergartener (next is his twin sister, and then their other friend Max).  Jackson was running around with Max and Sam and all the while being the very best, most sweetest big brother I've ever encountered.  I loved every single minute of it.

It gave me mini heart attacks when I envision them about 10 years down the line, but if today was any indication on how well he will protect her, I think we'll all be alright! I love my kids.

Ps. Creighton threw the biggest fit she's ever thrown in her life when we left.  When I finally figured out what it was all about, I just had to laugh.  She didn't get to hug her (really Jackson's friend) Eli goodbye and was seriously a heap of tears and screams for nearly an hour.  It was the most ridiculous thing on the planet Earth.  Thank the Lord she finally fell asleep. Oh my she is exhausted with only half year might do us all in.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Jeff's birthday weekend

Jeff's Mom and Philip came over for the weekend to celebrate the birthday and rebuild the fort.  It was pretty much trashed in the move but now it's awesome. The kids haven't been in it since winter because of all the bad weather we had and then the move.  Needless to say, even though at this picture point it was far from ready, they were thrilled to be in it!
 This was Sunday morning. We woke Daddy up with a very happy girl!
 This was Sunday afternoon.  Jeff and I had already left for Dallas to celebrate Cowboy style!
Jeff and I left straight from church and hauled it down 75 to Dallas.  We made it and had a great dinner at Pappadeaux with John, Jessica, Stephanie and Jennifer.  Then we all headed to the game. It was insane that it was a preseason game and there were still 50,000 people there! What on earth?! I guess when it can hold 110,000 that's not too bad. I can't imagine going on a real season game.  I think I might hyperventilate.

 Fun pic outside the stadium going in. We were missing the cheerleaders make their grand entrance.
 Pregame and Cowboy entrance. The game was crazy. The cowboys lost but it was so overstimulating I don't think I saw more than about a second of the actual game.

I got us an awesome hotel (Hilton Arlington) on priceline. It was like $50 on a game night. It was a very nice hotel. And I enjoyed greatly getting to sleep in.  Then we went back to the Stadium after an awesome Italian lunch for a tour of the whole thing. (during the game you can only go where you have a ticket).
 We got to go on the field.  Too bad Jeff had a bum ankle or he would have joined in on a pickup game that was going on :*(
 Field GOAL
DeMarcus Ware is Jeff's fave. Each locker cost between 9 and 10 THOUSAND dollars because they planted/harvested specific special trees just to cut down just for this facility.  Kinda insane if you ask me.
 I slipped on a jersey and pads they had sitting out. Pretty sure you aren't suppose to do that...but I am daredevil :)  Just so happened to be DeMarcus' :)
 This is the Miller Lite Bar where they enter the field.  No worries its only like a billion dollars to own a suite that allows you access to this area. (yet there are starving people all over the world...I just can't be okay with this)
 Jeff ON the STAR. Happy boy. :)
It was a fun trip. Fast, but fun. Kinda stinks having birthdays and anniversaries right at the height of youth ministry, but we manage to squeeze celebrations in! (and we always will!!!)

I love you babe. Happy birthday. Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Random Picture Post :)

I might have already posted this picture. But it's my all time fave of my babies! I can't believe they are all getting so big so fast.  Sweet smiles and all looking at the's hard to come by these days. I'll treasure this one for eternity.
 The other morning, Jackson and Creighton made Jeff and I breakfast.  Complete with OJ and each of our individual kinds of cereal we like.  I was very impressed as this was not asked of them, they've never done it before, and we hadn't even talked about it. Made my heart do a jig in my chest :)  (until I found the OJ poured all over the counter and floor...but I got over it quickly :))  They were so proud of themselves too.  Jackson said, "Mom, you always make us breakfast, and so I wanted to make you breakfast..." the kid has the sweetest heart there ever was!
 This sweet face also joined us at breakfast and helped me eat mine :)
 Charleigh and I are learning how to fill our days just the two of us.  She loves to dance, sing, and watch/listen to music videos. It's hilarious. She seriously is talented.
 No screen time on school days is great for them, but neither of them ever have homework and so we are being creative.  I love it.  This pic makes me happy!
Jackson and Creighton both seem to be doing fantastic with school. Granted tomorrow marks one week, but Jackson seems to be really thriving in his class and Creighton has come home smiley and happy as well.  She crashes almost every afternoon hard. I am so thankful we got her switched to morning.  Daddy has been taking them every morning for breakfast and drop off. Then Daddy, Mommy and Charleigh go on a walk until Daddy leaves for work. The mornings have been nice!

Since the big kids have the same schedule now, we've just (today) moved Charleigh into her own room and the bigs are sharing a room for now.  In 2 years when Charleigh is in school we'll switch back, but for now it makes so much sense.  They are loving the bunk beds anyway! It'll be great.  Creighton took a nap in her own bed for the very first time (because I would never let her stay in her room while Charleigh was sleeping....yay for new ideas!)

Completely random post. Yes I know.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

8 years!

Today is our 8th anniversary! Woohoo. :)
(that's us way back in 2003 :) and now)

We had two sweet youth volunteer to watch the kids for us for free, love that! Then we tried a new restaurant called Osaka. Not a huge fan and probably won't be back, but it was fun and I love time with my man. Then we went to the Purple Glaze.  They were amazingly friendly and gave us a "special" since it was our anniversary and so that made it even better (can you tell I am cheapo!).  We get to pick up our ring holder on Friday! Then we went Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (101st and Sheridan!!!) and our friend Ryan McAdams (we went to the Institute with him in 2003) owns it.  I got a carmel apple and Jeff got some almond clusters.  Then Ry gave us some chocolate coins for the kids! All around a great fun and fairly cheap date night with my hubby.

I am so thankful for the marriage covenant and commitment we have.  I know so many whose marriages have or are on the brink of falling apart and it's so sad no matter the circumstances. I am so blessed to be married to a godly man who daily tries to know me better, love me to the best of his ability, and most importantly is growing in the Lord.  I am one lucky girl.

I love you Jeff with all my heart. I am so thankful to do life with you, even though it's a bit crazy at times. I think after 8 years I wouldn't know what to do without the madness :)  You make it all better with your tender hands and heart with our children and with me.  They are incredibly lucky to have you as Daddy and I am blessed to call you best friend, lover, soul mate, husband, confidant, and leader of our home.  I made the best decision to say yes to your request for my hand in marriage.  8 seems like a long time, because I don't feel old, but there is no one on earth I'd rather grow old with than you. Thanks for loving me so well and leading our family well.  Hoping for many more years to come, right by your side.
All my love,

Thursday, August 11, 2011

First Day of School 2011

Jackson and Creighton are both going to school this year.  First time in Bixby. New places and faces. We decided to get our teeth cleaned and checked the day before and also get new haircuts. It was a crazy day but we got it all finished!
 Smiles before bed the night before to show off new hair and clean teeth!
 Charleigh of course needed in on the pics :)
 This pic just absolutely cracks me up.  I have no idea what she was doing but I think the flash caught her off guard and she was looking at it funny...
 I went in to check on the kids before I went to bed (and they were all in bed at 8:15 and asleep by 8:30!, yeah mom!)  Anyway, I found Jackson like this...Not sure what he was doing, but it was funny.
 My sweet Rae. Can't believe she's big enough for school.  (Pre-K in Bixby is only halfday).
 Morning of. All ready. He picked out his own outfit :)
 All my babies!
 Creighton. I had to make her let me fix her hair. Oh the joys of strong willed children :)

 My sweet school aged kids! What happened to the time!?
 The sun was bright! They were so excited.
 They wanted to eat breakfast at school today, so we did.  They only had cereal and that seemed to please them both just fine. It was so exciting for them. Nonna even came and ate with us all! :)
 Love that my man adores his kids and wants to be actively involved in their lives, and that he has a job that allows him flexibility to do so!
 Jackson has Mrs. Haughey (although it's pronouced HOY, like TOY).  She seemed great with him and said he had a great day! one down!
 I love my little man!
 Creighton is in afternoon PreK (which we might have to change because she is one grumpy bear without a nap (and that is when she is normally napping).
 She got her name tag, found her cubby, and sat down with NO tears.  She did wonderfully!
 Both of them had a great day.  Jackson was way more excited about his first day than Creighton was at the end of school, but I think it had a lot to do with her being absolutely exhausted.  I think she did great though and hopefully if we can't change her to AM preK she'll adjust soon.

We celebrated the first day with Braum's afterwards.  We had a great evening at home with them and a good meal, family devo time, prayer time, books, and bed.  All were in bed before 8 and I don't hear a sound.  God is good.