Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Random Picture Post :)

I might have already posted this picture. But it's my all time fave of my babies! I can't believe they are all getting so big so fast.  Sweet smiles and all looking at the's hard to come by these days. I'll treasure this one for eternity.
 The other morning, Jackson and Creighton made Jeff and I breakfast.  Complete with OJ and each of our individual kinds of cereal we like.  I was very impressed as this was not asked of them, they've never done it before, and we hadn't even talked about it. Made my heart do a jig in my chest :)  (until I found the OJ poured all over the counter and floor...but I got over it quickly :))  They were so proud of themselves too.  Jackson said, "Mom, you always make us breakfast, and so I wanted to make you breakfast..." the kid has the sweetest heart there ever was!
 This sweet face also joined us at breakfast and helped me eat mine :)
 Charleigh and I are learning how to fill our days just the two of us.  She loves to dance, sing, and watch/listen to music videos. It's hilarious. She seriously is talented.
 No screen time on school days is great for them, but neither of them ever have homework and so we are being creative.  I love it.  This pic makes me happy!
Jackson and Creighton both seem to be doing fantastic with school. Granted tomorrow marks one week, but Jackson seems to be really thriving in his class and Creighton has come home smiley and happy as well.  She crashes almost every afternoon hard. I am so thankful we got her switched to morning.  Daddy has been taking them every morning for breakfast and drop off. Then Daddy, Mommy and Charleigh go on a walk until Daddy leaves for work. The mornings have been nice!

Since the big kids have the same schedule now, we've just (today) moved Charleigh into her own room and the bigs are sharing a room for now.  In 2 years when Charleigh is in school we'll switch back, but for now it makes so much sense.  They are loving the bunk beds anyway! It'll be great.  Creighton took a nap in her own bed for the very first time (because I would never let her stay in her room while Charleigh was sleeping....yay for new ideas!)

Completely random post. Yes I know.

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