Thursday, August 25, 2011

Big Brothers

(this is from the other morning at breakfast (Jeff took it) and he does this every morning!)

I always wanted a big brother.  But seeing as how I had a little brother and I was the big sister, that just wasn't likely. I survived.

However, I was thrilled that we had a boy first.

Today I got to witness firsthand one of the reasons I wanted a big brother. I am thrilled and my heart was swelling inside my chest like you couldn't believe. I didn't bring my camera but I'll forever have the pictures etched on my heart.

Jackson wanted me to come to lunch with him today (I will be so sad when he thinks I am weird and is embarrassed by me so I am eating it up while he still thinks it's cool to have mom around). I figured today would be a good day because Charleigh was at Mother's Day Out and I would just have Creighton and she could eat there too.  So we went (and we were running late, imagine that) and so he was already eating when we got there.  But they relocated us to a different table so we could all sit together. Creighton went through the line and got her tray and he waited patiently for us all the while.  We ate together and it was so fun.  Then Creighton wanted to go to recess with him, I said she had to ask him. He said, "yeah, that's fine with me!" I was thrilled he didn't break her heart.

We get in line to head out to recess and he holds her hand tenderly as he is talking to his new buds.  He didn't care at all what they thought (and I don't think at this age they would have thought it was too weird anyway, thankfully).  It was just sweet.  But once we got out on the playground he made sure she was with him every step of the way. The boys wanted to play one game and she suggested another and he talked them all into playing what she wanted to play.  What 6 year old does that? I think he's pretty spectacular.

Then another time they were playing on this apparatus that is similar to swinging poles with foot stools attached and she got scared (there were a million kids playing at the same time, so I was scared for her too) and he went first and then came back let her go and then followed behind her so sweetly.  He made sure she didn't fall and encouraged her the whole time.  He's awesome.

They ran around and played and held hands on and off.  Jackson's best bud is THE tallest Kindergartener (next is his twin sister, and then their other friend Max).  Jackson was running around with Max and Sam and all the while being the very best, most sweetest big brother I've ever encountered.  I loved every single minute of it.

It gave me mini heart attacks when I envision them about 10 years down the line, but if today was any indication on how well he will protect her, I think we'll all be alright! I love my kids.

Ps. Creighton threw the biggest fit she's ever thrown in her life when we left.  When I finally figured out what it was all about, I just had to laugh.  She didn't get to hug her (really Jackson's friend) Eli goodbye and was seriously a heap of tears and screams for nearly an hour.  It was the most ridiculous thing on the planet Earth.  Thank the Lord she finally fell asleep. Oh my she is exhausted with only half year might do us all in.

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