Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Jeff's birthday weekend

Jeff's Mom and Philip came over for the weekend to celebrate the birthday and rebuild the fort.  It was pretty much trashed in the move but now it's awesome. The kids haven't been in it since winter because of all the bad weather we had and then the move.  Needless to say, even though at this picture point it was far from ready, they were thrilled to be in it!
 This was Sunday morning. We woke Daddy up with a very happy girl!
 This was Sunday afternoon.  Jeff and I had already left for Dallas to celebrate Cowboy style!
Jeff and I left straight from church and hauled it down 75 to Dallas.  We made it and had a great dinner at Pappadeaux with John, Jessica, Stephanie and Jennifer.  Then we all headed to the game. It was insane that it was a preseason game and there were still 50,000 people there! What on earth?! I guess when it can hold 110,000 that's not too bad. I can't imagine going on a real season game.  I think I might hyperventilate.

 Fun pic outside the stadium going in. We were missing the cheerleaders make their grand entrance.
 Pregame and Cowboy entrance. The game was crazy. The cowboys lost but it was so overstimulating I don't think I saw more than about a second of the actual game.

I got us an awesome hotel (Hilton Arlington) on priceline. It was like $50 on a game night. It was a very nice hotel. And I enjoyed greatly getting to sleep in.  Then we went back to the Stadium after an awesome Italian lunch for a tour of the whole thing. (during the game you can only go where you have a ticket).
 We got to go on the field.  Too bad Jeff had a bum ankle or he would have joined in on a pickup game that was going on :*(
 Field GOAL
DeMarcus Ware is Jeff's fave. Each locker cost between 9 and 10 THOUSAND dollars because they planted/harvested specific special trees just to cut down just for this facility.  Kinda insane if you ask me.
 I slipped on a jersey and pads they had sitting out. Pretty sure you aren't suppose to do that...but I am daredevil :)  Just so happened to be DeMarcus' :)
 This is the Miller Lite Bar where they enter the field.  No worries its only like a billion dollars to own a suite that allows you access to this area. (yet there are starving people all over the world...I just can't be okay with this)
 Jeff ON the STAR. Happy boy. :)
It was a fun trip. Fast, but fun. Kinda stinks having birthdays and anniversaries right at the height of youth ministry, but we manage to squeeze celebrations in! (and we always will!!!)

I love you babe. Happy birthday. Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

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