Thursday, August 11, 2011

First Day of School 2011

Jackson and Creighton are both going to school this year.  First time in Bixby. New places and faces. We decided to get our teeth cleaned and checked the day before and also get new haircuts. It was a crazy day but we got it all finished!
 Smiles before bed the night before to show off new hair and clean teeth!
 Charleigh of course needed in on the pics :)
 This pic just absolutely cracks me up.  I have no idea what she was doing but I think the flash caught her off guard and she was looking at it funny...
 I went in to check on the kids before I went to bed (and they were all in bed at 8:15 and asleep by 8:30!, yeah mom!)  Anyway, I found Jackson like this...Not sure what he was doing, but it was funny.
 My sweet Rae. Can't believe she's big enough for school.  (Pre-K in Bixby is only halfday).
 Morning of. All ready. He picked out his own outfit :)
 All my babies!
 Creighton. I had to make her let me fix her hair. Oh the joys of strong willed children :)

 My sweet school aged kids! What happened to the time!?
 The sun was bright! They were so excited.
 They wanted to eat breakfast at school today, so we did.  They only had cereal and that seemed to please them both just fine. It was so exciting for them. Nonna even came and ate with us all! :)
 Love that my man adores his kids and wants to be actively involved in their lives, and that he has a job that allows him flexibility to do so!
 Jackson has Mrs. Haughey (although it's pronouced HOY, like TOY).  She seemed great with him and said he had a great day! one down!
 I love my little man!
 Creighton is in afternoon PreK (which we might have to change because she is one grumpy bear without a nap (and that is when she is normally napping).
 She got her name tag, found her cubby, and sat down with NO tears.  She did wonderfully!
 Both of them had a great day.  Jackson was way more excited about his first day than Creighton was at the end of school, but I think it had a lot to do with her being absolutely exhausted.  I think she did great though and hopefully if we can't change her to AM preK she'll adjust soon.

We celebrated the first day with Braum's afterwards.  We had a great evening at home with them and a good meal, family devo time, prayer time, books, and bed.  All were in bed before 8 and I don't hear a sound.  God is good.

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