Tuesday, August 16, 2011

8 years!

Today is our 8th anniversary! Woohoo. :)
(that's us way back in 2003 :) and now)

We had two sweet youth volunteer to watch the kids for us for free, love that! Then we tried a new restaurant called Osaka. Not a huge fan and probably won't be back, but it was fun and I love time with my man. Then we went to the Purple Glaze.  They were amazingly friendly and gave us a "special" since it was our anniversary and so that made it even better (can you tell I am cheapo!).  We get to pick up our ring holder on Friday! Then we went Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (101st and Sheridan!!!) and our friend Ryan McAdams (we went to the Institute with him in 2003) owns it.  I got a carmel apple and Jeff got some almond clusters.  Then Ry gave us some chocolate coins for the kids! All around a great fun and fairly cheap date night with my hubby.

I am so thankful for the marriage covenant and commitment we have.  I know so many whose marriages have or are on the brink of falling apart and it's so sad no matter the circumstances. I am so blessed to be married to a godly man who daily tries to know me better, love me to the best of his ability, and most importantly is growing in the Lord.  I am one lucky girl.

I love you Jeff with all my heart. I am so thankful to do life with you, even though it's a bit crazy at times. I think after 8 years I wouldn't know what to do without the madness :)  You make it all better with your tender hands and heart with our children and with me.  They are incredibly lucky to have you as Daddy and I am blessed to call you best friend, lover, soul mate, husband, confidant, and leader of our home.  I made the best decision to say yes to your request for my hand in marriage.  8 seems like a long time, because I don't feel old, but there is no one on earth I'd rather grow old with than you. Thanks for loving me so well and leading our family well.  Hoping for many more years to come, right by your side.
All my love,

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