Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Getting Our Craft On

 Since school started we all spend less time in front of a screen (or that's the goal anyway) and Jackson found a love of legos that I am so thrilled for! I love that he can entertain himself for hours building and rebuilding and he doesn't even have very many pieces yet. But he loves building ships, aircrafts, and cars. He's pretty talented. :) Love my little man.

 Pancakes in the morning! Charleigh wanted to help make the batter. And then I got carried away with the designs 

  Dad is our superman around here.
 that was suppose to be a yellow jeep for daddy, but it kinda looks like a Model T or a truck or something
 little mickeys and a bunny
I went to a sewing party with my friend Ana and she taught me (and helped me) make this cute bag for my sister for Christmas! Her favorite colors are green and orange! I think for my first ever bag it turned out pretty great! It got me hooked...
 So I came home and started working on other projects.

 The kids made their own bean bags (with A LOT MORE HELP THAN I ANTICIPATED from me) But they loved them....and they think they did it all :)
 I made Jackson's teacher a bag for her birthday. Mrs. Butler. It's for a 1st grade teacher and looks the part...maybe a little too much, but oh well....it's bright :)
 I made these cute t-shirt bags out of tshirts they'd outgrown but were some of their favorites so they can keep them around forever now!
 Charleigh doesn't always like to sit still long enough for me to yank and pull on her hair. But I love it when she does because I think she looks adorable with her hair did!
 She's just too cute.
The girls and I went to Nonna's one afternoon to make cookies! They looked fun and were certainly fun to make but they tasted awful....oh well. :) That way you have lots of fun and don't have to consume a ton of calories after/during :)

Love being crafty! Just have to get past the caring that it destroys my house/kitchen every time we decide to do anything "fun" ....it's just stuff and it's never really clean anyway....so craft away

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Happy Birthday Daddy! Finally got an ice cream cake for his birthday since we live in a town where we can access it easily in the middle of August.

 We got Daddy his favorite breakfast.  Good ole Chick-fil-A biscuit! Candles make it better that you had to get up on your birthday before you really wanted to :) Thanks for being a trooper. Daddy got a cool board game that he loves....Wits N Wagers.

The best present of all ended up being a present for Papa John, Papaw and Jackson too! A game to Dallas with the boys! Jackson was in heaven and it was pretty cool for Jeff to experience that with him. Dad got to go along because I didn't feel well that day...I think it's the first time he didn't care at all to take my place :)

 I think they ate a TON (literally) of friend food while they were there.

 Love my baby getting quality time with the men in his life...(and wishing Pop was there too)

Happy birthday Jeff! I love you more than I could ever say. You are such an amazing daddy to our kids, hubby to me, youth leader/director to the youth in this area, and many other roles you play. You do them exceedingly, abundantly well. I love that you don't sacrifice time with us for others any more than is necessary to make a living for us. You are a wonderful godly example to all of those around you. I am honored to be your bride and I love that you still treat me as such. Today we celebrate you, which I know I should do more often. But thanks for loving me and forgiving me for not always finding the time to tell you just how much you mean to me! I am so thankful that you had a special day and then another with your dad and Jackson and you included my dad in on the trip. I'm thankful for your love of family...all of it...the good the bad and the ugly times I am thankful that you remember what's important and unite us again. Happy birthday baby. I love you and I always always will. I treasure you.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Rae Rae

Rae wears some interesting outfits to school. These are a few of my favorites...I love it when she actually lets me do her hair and make sure she doesn't look quite like she rolled out of the trash dump.

 This day she had to dress up like a professional in some area. I kinda sort forgot about it till the day of so this is the best we could come up with on that morning :) Kinda proud. Personal trainer! She made a cute one!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

A little weekend trip

Jeff and the kids dropped me off (after saying hello, of course) in Stillwater and they went on the Enid to visit some family! It was a fun long day visiting some of my favorites!

 We said hello to the Hobbit House and saw Lacey, Luke, Derek, & Karis there! The kids LOVED the fun things to do in their home!
 Then I spent some time with my sweet seniors (now freshmen at OSU). I love them and miss them all so much! Victoria, Chelsea, Maranda.  I got to meet some of the friends they'd made in the first few weeks as well as roommates galore! Big school...holy cow. We did some walking that day.
 Love my girl!

Friday, August 17, 2012

First Day of School 2012

We went the day before school to meet our teachers and take our supplies. I can't believe I have a FIRST grader and a KINDERGARTENER! Wow. Times are a flyin'!
They woke up super early and all went well. Creighton wanted to wear the outfit that Nonna and she picked out (without Mommy's approval) but oh well. She looked a little too old, but quite cute.  Jackson on the other hand is like me and just doesn't care. Love the basketball sweat band on the arm too Bubba!

 notice the heels on that girl...oh my word. again, not necessarily mom approved...but the things that Nonna picks out are usually Creighton's favorites.
 Charleigh didn't start school until the following week but EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. she went to school with the big kids (to drop off) she brought her bag with her not really a lunch sack inside.

 Daddy's hands! I love that he loves being involved and that his job is flexible enough to be!

 We made it to Mrs. Butler's room. All smiles and excitement from this guy! No tears, but love that he still lets us cuddle and love on him, even in the midst of peers!

 Creighton was a little hesitant but did wonderfully! She is one of the tallest in her class and one of the oldest. She adapted quickly and loves Kindergarten. Mrs. Stoll is an amazing K teacher!

 As usually, we love traditions....ice cream after the first day of school may be a keeper! :) Love these crazy kids. Everyone had a great first day!