Monday, January 30, 2012

A Little of This and a Lot of That

We haven't had too many monumental moments in and of themselves so far, which at this point, I'll take.  But we HAVE had lots of little moments that add to really great memories. 
 Littlest princess all decked out in new dress Nonna bought her.  She was stylin' and precious!
 Creighton dressed herself. An outfit my parents got her with pants, skirt (attached) and matching shirt.  Then she added ruffle socks, black mary janes, a scarf that the picture makes it look like it matches, but it doesn't--more of a clash, and a bright orange mini jacket 2 times too small. Oh babe! I love you dearly. Your fashion sense is not one that I understand, but maybe you fit in these days and I just don't is strange! Don't forget the huge flower on your head either :)
 We've set aside Monday nights as sacred in our home. They've become rather priceless. The kids KNOW when it's Monday and they look forward to some great family time.  The "key kid" gets to choose what we do for the whole evening.  They LOVE it. This was Creighton's choice! They are both good with their letters so they like BR now :) Happy smiles. Love it!
 We've played more games since I (finally) organized our game/activity closet.  Charleigh loves this one!
 We had our first snow (and only so far!) and the kids were SO excited. It was only a light dust and I was thrilled it was gone the next day!  IT's been a delightful winter so far....pretty warm! :)

 Meet Mrs. Hot Shot! She's a fashionista for sure! Still loves her squeaky boots, although the squeaks (thankfully) have pretty much worn out!
 We've actually made it to 2 Lowe's builds this month! Woohoo. Daddy braved this one alone! All 3 kids, 2 castles, one swollen Daddy thumb! :)
 Disney's Beauty and the Beast 3D was here and Nonna treated Creighton to see it. We went to town becomming Belle! She loved it and the picture does NOT do justice with how beautiful she looked! She had a blast!
 One day we were out in the backyard for quite some time waiting on Daddy to get home and just enjoying the nice weather.  We looked up and the sky was BRILLIANT. This picture does no justice. It was fabulous.
 so were the cuddles!

 another view!
 we climbed the fence to watch the sun set. I love these little people with all my heart!

One of Jackson's Key kid nights he picked the other BK in town. Burger King. Cute little prince and princesses. We've gotta step up their restaurant picks though....

Saturday, January 7, 2012

A New Year

We rang in the New Year 2012 driving home from celebrating Christmas, Papa John's birthday, and the New Year in Enid! January 1st Jeff began a very LONG 40 days (currently only one week in to it). More to come on this later.
 We had an epic Battle of the Bands that night, we raised over $1000 for charity, and saw over 300 people come in to the Warehouse! Exciting stuff.

We had several days just to get back and get organized...still in that process.  But we did a lot of family time and building things and having fun. We have lots of new gadgets, toys, machines, electronics, games and fun things to play with and do! We've really enjoyed having low key days (Daddy had to work though ;( ).
 Charleigh LOVES her new Toy Story 3 collection.  She also found Jesse and Woody dolls that were big hits last year for Creighton and Jackson.  She adores them and carries them around all over the place.  All of her "friends" ate breakfast with us one morning.  She thought it would be fun to get up for 5 days in a row (not a happy mommy) at 5:45.  She's done some crying it out to fall back asleep till a later time now.  She doesn't particularly like it, but Mommy, although still awake, is at least not quite as grumpy throughout the day.
 Creighton asked for a new helmet and pad set.  She didn't know it came with GLOVES. She was thrilled beyond belief and has worn just the gloves now several times. We were invited over to play at a friends house and they told us to bring bikes.  So she was so excited to get them out of the packages and wear them.  She even wore them in the car on the way there! Crazy girls...
 Monkey see, Monkey do here.  Holding Jesse and wearing her new Mickey glasses too. WITH HELMET.  In the car.  Just like that.  The whole way there. Priceless.
 Charleigh LOVES sunglasses. She steals Daddy's all the time.  She's pretty cute!
 Mommy and Daddy have worked hard on this for days.  Grammy gave the house that Pop built a long time ago to Creighton and Charleigh for Christmas.  But since it was so old, we gutted it and pretty much just left the framing.  We added rooms and new wallpaper.  And Creighton really wanted and ice rink and a dance floor.  (Ice Princesses have to practice ballet to perfect their moves on the ice, ya know?) Anyway, Daddy loves doing things really well, so it's been major overhauling.  We both had fun working together and making this for our girls. I hope they play with it forever and then pass it on to their girls.  They got the cute yellow furniture for Christmas too!
 We added light fixtures to all the rooms, too.  Cute feature. There are two bedrooms, a kids room and a "master".  It was bunk beds but the room weren't quite tall enough to be able to get a barbie on the top bunk while they were we went with twins :)
 Living room could possibly still have a fireplace, but it wasn't even started yet.  We found cheap small tiles on sale that will work if we decide to do that. :)
 Here is the dance floor complete with ballet bar and mirrors!
 Ice skating rink complete with view area, rails, and a bumper pad entry.  My man just thinks of everything! It's awesome.
 Jeff did a special thing with the kids today.  He found all the supplies to make marshmallow guns! They each built their own without having a clue what they were doing.  They were pretty cute following directions.  When I brought out the marshmallows they were even more excited!
We had an all out war that was fun to watch. Charleigh REALLY enjoyed the war (unless she got hit) because she just ran around eating all the marshmallows! It was a cheap and fun activity that everybody loved.

Way to go Dad on then taking it to the next level and spray painting them! Yay for fun!!

We are in the midst of trying to make room for all the toys we have, the new ones, and getting rid of the old ones. I love organizing but this is like overhauling the whole sunroom. Donation central here we come! Whew!

I am hopeful for this year.  I don't like change and last year was chalk full of it.  I am hoping this year will be a rebuild year where we find our new normal and get comfortable in it.  I am looking forward to many things.  To God be the glory whatever may come! Happy New Year.