Monday, January 30, 2012

A Little of This and a Lot of That

We haven't had too many monumental moments in and of themselves so far, which at this point, I'll take.  But we HAVE had lots of little moments that add to really great memories. 
 Littlest princess all decked out in new dress Nonna bought her.  She was stylin' and precious!
 Creighton dressed herself. An outfit my parents got her with pants, skirt (attached) and matching shirt.  Then she added ruffle socks, black mary janes, a scarf that the picture makes it look like it matches, but it doesn't--more of a clash, and a bright orange mini jacket 2 times too small. Oh babe! I love you dearly. Your fashion sense is not one that I understand, but maybe you fit in these days and I just don't is strange! Don't forget the huge flower on your head either :)
 We've set aside Monday nights as sacred in our home. They've become rather priceless. The kids KNOW when it's Monday and they look forward to some great family time.  The "key kid" gets to choose what we do for the whole evening.  They LOVE it. This was Creighton's choice! They are both good with their letters so they like BR now :) Happy smiles. Love it!
 We've played more games since I (finally) organized our game/activity closet.  Charleigh loves this one!
 We had our first snow (and only so far!) and the kids were SO excited. It was only a light dust and I was thrilled it was gone the next day!  IT's been a delightful winter so far....pretty warm! :)

 Meet Mrs. Hot Shot! She's a fashionista for sure! Still loves her squeaky boots, although the squeaks (thankfully) have pretty much worn out!
 We've actually made it to 2 Lowe's builds this month! Woohoo. Daddy braved this one alone! All 3 kids, 2 castles, one swollen Daddy thumb! :)
 Disney's Beauty and the Beast 3D was here and Nonna treated Creighton to see it. We went to town becomming Belle! She loved it and the picture does NOT do justice with how beautiful she looked! She had a blast!
 One day we were out in the backyard for quite some time waiting on Daddy to get home and just enjoying the nice weather.  We looked up and the sky was BRILLIANT. This picture does no justice. It was fabulous.
 so were the cuddles!

 another view!
 we climbed the fence to watch the sun set. I love these little people with all my heart!

One of Jackson's Key kid nights he picked the other BK in town. Burger King. Cute little prince and princesses. We've gotta step up their restaurant picks though....

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