Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Swim lessons

The kids are in swim lessons right now. It's 2 weeks, everyday, for 30 minutes. They are doing spectacular. I highly recommend the new Frontier Pool lessons. It seems that doing it everyday helps them, as opposed to doing it once or twice a week like some programs.  This Friday is the brag day and parents get to swim and play in the pool and in the waterworks as they show what they learned. It's a big party! I am very excited to watch them, although I am a little concerned that they will have a little too much confidence in the water and being fearless with confidence is a bad combination when it involved water.  So hopefully it will be okay. Pics to come. :)

Creighton is like a little fish and has been moved up two times to a higher class.  She began in novice and that lasted about 5 seconds when they saw she was fearless and could more or less swim under water by herself.  Then she went to beginners and stayed there for a day and then went to the upper level of beginners on the 3rd day.  She seems to be doing well there and they are trying to teach her how to do her correct "big arms" to swim.  She likes to just swim like a frog under the water. She is getting much better though.

Jackson didn't last too long in novice either as the first thing they asked him to do was to jump in the water.  (the other kids were scared of the water and getting them in was a challenge) Jackson however took a running jump and jumped all the way to the middle of the pool. :) So, he was moved to beginners but it so happened that his novice teacher came with him and it's nice because it's just he and Jackson. One on one is so good for him :)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Jackson is 5!

Jackson's cousin closest to his age is Jake...and we get to see him during the summertime typically close to Jax' birthday and this is always so fun for him! They were here about 2 weeks before his birthday this year but Jackson didn't care...
Sarah and Aaron! :)
...because he got a birthday party while he was here :)
Cupcakes and smiles!
This was Jackson's last picture as a 4 year old... :(

This was our special birthday breakfast at the donut shop complete with a candle (just forgot the lighter this time ...opps)
We did the chain countdown this year again and it was great. He LOVES it.
Then later that day *actually on his birthday* the party began!

Such a cute cake from Ann's Bakery in Tulsa (I LOVED IT)
Jackson's best little friend Colton came to the superhero party!

Micah and Hope came too! Such cuties
Jackson changed costumes
WE were delighted that the Glowstick Girls made their appearance! (Thanks Marguerite, Ashley and Olivia)
Mario made it to the party!
ANd then the whole gang of superheroes.  The fantastic 4~(which I was Torch)
Fun new family pic
Charleigh had NO idea what was going on and thought we were all VERY strange :)
Pinatas are always fun...and the big hit of the party! This was where the superhero training obstacle course was too :)
The next series of pics were taken consecutively as he was opening his gifts :) Gotta love it. :)
Love this one of the two of them!
Happy birthday my sweet boy! I love you.
You are my superhero!

A very random June

Charleigh is gaining all kinds of personality and charm.  :)
She is getting so big.
Charleigh had blueberries and loved them. Jackson and Creighton both loved them when they were little too (and still do as long as they are frozen)
Jackson started karate! He absolutely loves it.
Creighton did something on the computer (which she's not suppose to be on) and she blamed it on the baby doll in her hands. All 1.25 inches. We are working on storytelling

Daddy was getting creative with the pancake mix :) The kids really liked them. (Mickey, Snowman, and a flower)
We had a few too many storms this month.  This one was when Jeff was out of town.  The grill was all out of whack, the chairs were messed up and the canopy was obviously out of commission...although I managed to fix it a little enough to do it's job....till the next storm came and now not so much.

But the storms brought us some cute friends...

Happy Birthday Jackson...

A successful 5 year old SUPER HERO party!
(details and more pics to come)

First of all, I cannot believe you are five. It seems way too old.  Just yesterday you were so little and yet, now 5 years later, you have 2 sisters and have turned into such a great little boy.  I love your heart, your compassion for people (whether you know them or not) is awesome.  For being only 5 you have such a sense of love on a deep level. You are a lover and you love to show people you care about them.  Your love language is encouragement and gifts.  You loving being praised and you constantly ask me if I am proud of you, which I usually always am! You love to excel, and you usually do.  I couldn't be more proud of you and who you've become so far.  I love you with all my heart and I am so honored to be your mommy.  You told me tonight as I tucked you in bed, (way too late), that you really had a great birthday.  So, that was really good to hear. You enjoy giving praises/encouragement too!  Welcome to being 5 buddy. 
I love you,

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Reasons to Celebrate!

This week Charleigh turns 8 months (tomorrow) and Jackson turns F.I.V.E. Um, hello?! How did this happen? I am not ready for a five year old! I have been supressing the thoughts of him being in school everyday all day next year, but I realized that its merely 7 weeks away!

My oldest and my youngest having major milestones is just a little too much for me right now.

Charleigh is trying desperately to walk. She claps, she waves.  She said "da-da" tonight but refuses to say it when Jeff is around.  She moves constantly and loves to be moving. She dances which is AMAZINGLY adorable.  She is currently cutting 4 new teeth to add to her 4 teeth already in her mouth and she loves to smile all the time to show them off!  She giggles and cackles and laughs and squeals with delight and oh I just can't get enough.

Jackson is one smart cookie.  Oh man. The boy has a memory like nobody's business. It's really quite MENSA-like if you ask me, but don't, because I might cry when I realize he's big enough to go to school now, and really, he's going to do amazing I know it.  I am just anxious about it though, but I do know this is going to be good for him too.  He dotes on Charleigh all the time and although they fight like cats and dogs, he really does love his sister Creighton too.  The boy can play some video games like nobody's business and for being only 4, he's quite good.  He can make anything electrical work in a jiffy (even when no one else can). He might be destined to be some type of engineer.  He loves me well and I love that about him.  He is my cuddler/lover boy, although it is sad, because I can feel him becomming less and less this way unless he's really tired or just woke up.  Thankfully he still gets that way each day :) 

Friday, June 18, 2010


My heart feels heavy and my mind is scattered. I don't know why.  I told Jeff yesterday that I feel like I am having a mid-life crisis.  Something just doesn't seem right.  I think it's in my heart, and that scares me a bit.  I feel very rebellious with everything...and although rebellion is not a new thing for me to feel, I can't say I have ever felt it this way before.  The good thing is we absolutely have NO money and so the normal things that most people do for their midlife crisi (is that seriously how you say plural crisis?) are not even remotely an option.  So here I am.  Feeling very unsettled and not a clue how to fix it. 

I have been in the word and started a new program of reading through the bible in a year but its blended and so not in any chronological or cover to cover order....which I like.  I just finished up Numbers and am in the middle of 1 Kings and Matthew at the same time.  I think what I like most about this set up is that they try to link Old and New Testament books if possible.  Not that while on earth Jesus was acting as King (though he was) it's neat to see the differences between Solomon and Jesus, David and Jesus, Moses and Jesus and also their similarities. I could only hope that if I were ever compared to Jesus that there would be some similarities.  That is why I am struggling so much with this whole rebellion thing. I don't know how to help myself.  Certainly my parents would say that I was rebellious since birth and yet my teachers in school would say I was the best "rule follower"...but I know that Christ knows my heart and that he would say I am rebellious. 

The scary thing is...my middle child is JUST.LIKE.ME.  She stands right where I do. I struggle each and every day with her and her rebellious nature. Yet, her teachers tell me she's an angel and very easy.  Although if it had to be one way and not the other, I would choose for it to be me she is a pain for, I wish she were "the angel and easy" at home too!  But ultimately I know in her heart, there is much rebellion, but she's too perfectionist oriented to let anyone but family know :)  Oh the struggle between heart and soul, between sin and holiness between good and evil.  I don't want 30 years from now for her to be where I am now and not know how to fix it. 

But if I can't figure it out for myself, how in the world am I to help guide and train a 3 year old?

And, the Israelites were no different. They (mostly) never figured it out either. But, we have a Good God...and he forgives.  But I still would love feedback if you have any.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


This has been a hard week. Jeff has been gone and the kids and I really miss him, a lot.  When I am missing him I get sad. When they are missing him, they get bad, really bad! It's really taking a toll on me, making me even more sad. I am so thankful that he gets home soon, although yesterday would not have been soon enough.

Anyway, this morning on the way to drop them at Mother's Day Out, we rolled up seconds after a pretty bad wreck.  Creighton saw it before Jackson and asked several questions before she then suddenly said, "We should pray for them." It delighted my heart and made me smile! Then I asked her to pray (she really loves to) but she wanted me to pray. Then before I could even start Jackson said he wanted to. It was just really sweet.  He really didn't have the words and Creighton helped him finish one of his sentences...

I will cherish the moment in my heart and mind forever.  Working together. Talking to the Lord.  Sweet compassion. It just doesn't get much better than that moment.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Jackson had Colton over for a playdate the other day.  They had a blast. I love their sweet smiles.  They were two peas in a pod.
Seriously...genuine smile of a happy boy!
He hasn't stopped talking about it.

Timeline -7 months


This littlest beauty of mine is getting into and onto and out of just about everything. She's crawling like a mad woman all over the house nowadays.  She climbs...(really Lord, 3 climbers? Really?!!?) She is pulling herself into the standing position on anything within reach. It won't be long before she's cruising around the house....and then walking.  Creighton walked at 9 months, and if I didn't know better, I'd bet she might beat  her.  It's really crazy.  How has time moved so fast?  Where did it all go?  My baby, tiny baby, is now too BIG!  

Charleigh at 7 months

Sun+Water =Happy

We went to Branson with my parents a few weekends ago and had a blast.  That was the first real swim of the summer :) 

This was at 9:30 in the morning and it was ABSOLUTELY freezing.  Didn't stay in too long.
My dad was suckered into the water by this little polka-dot cutie
This was later in the day and we went over the club to swim in the indoor heated pool, which was still very cold to me. It's all the same to them I think...fun
I love love love these floaties.  They are the greatest things ever and have latest 2 summers :)
This is one of Charleigh's really cute suits with a hood :) I love it!  She LOVED playing in the water in the pool and didn't seem to be bothered by the cold.  She giggled and splashed and had a great time.
My parents came up to Bville to the new splash pool on the 2nd day it was open here. It was very fun for the big kids! Charleigh didn't know what to think of the water this day. 
Creighton had a blast over in the zero entry area and the 4 slides to choose from over there since she's too small to ride the 2 big slides like Bubba.
Pretty much Jackson rode the big slides about 45 times (maybe more).  As soon as he flew out the bottom, he got right back in line.
Sweet boy, trampoline, and water....all smiles!
She gave me the "are you crazy" of course this is how this swimsuit is suppose to go when I told her it was DEFINITELY on backwards...Thank the good Lord we were only in our backyard.  This is a size 2T and she is in a size 4T...so not only would it probably have shown her "boo-boos" anyway, this is just classic blackmail right here.
a view from the back...a little Brazilian cut...
More fun on the trampoline, sporting his new suit from Pop
And, I'll leave you with a warning...
If you EVER see Creighton standing like this...DO.NOT. walk where she was....classic "I'm peeing" pose