Friday, June 25, 2010

A very random June

Charleigh is gaining all kinds of personality and charm.  :)
She is getting so big.
Charleigh had blueberries and loved them. Jackson and Creighton both loved them when they were little too (and still do as long as they are frozen)
Jackson started karate! He absolutely loves it.
Creighton did something on the computer (which she's not suppose to be on) and she blamed it on the baby doll in her hands. All 1.25 inches. We are working on storytelling

Daddy was getting creative with the pancake mix :) The kids really liked them. (Mickey, Snowman, and a flower)
We had a few too many storms this month.  This one was when Jeff was out of town.  The grill was all out of whack, the chairs were messed up and the canopy was obviously out of commission...although I managed to fix it a little enough to do it's job....till the next storm came and now not so much.

But the storms brought us some cute friends...

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