Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Swim lessons

The kids are in swim lessons right now. It's 2 weeks, everyday, for 30 minutes. They are doing spectacular. I highly recommend the new Frontier Pool lessons. It seems that doing it everyday helps them, as opposed to doing it once or twice a week like some programs.  This Friday is the brag day and parents get to swim and play in the pool and in the waterworks as they show what they learned. It's a big party! I am very excited to watch them, although I am a little concerned that they will have a little too much confidence in the water and being fearless with confidence is a bad combination when it involved water.  So hopefully it will be okay. Pics to come. :)

Creighton is like a little fish and has been moved up two times to a higher class.  She began in novice and that lasted about 5 seconds when they saw she was fearless and could more or less swim under water by herself.  Then she went to beginners and stayed there for a day and then went to the upper level of beginners on the 3rd day.  She seems to be doing well there and they are trying to teach her how to do her correct "big arms" to swim.  She likes to just swim like a frog under the water. She is getting much better though.

Jackson didn't last too long in novice either as the first thing they asked him to do was to jump in the water.  (the other kids were scared of the water and getting them in was a challenge) Jackson however took a running jump and jumped all the way to the middle of the pool. :) So, he was moved to beginners but it so happened that his novice teacher came with him and it's nice because it's just he and Jackson. One on one is so good for him :)

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