Friday, June 25, 2010

Jackson is 5!

Jackson's cousin closest to his age is Jake...and we get to see him during the summertime typically close to Jax' birthday and this is always so fun for him! They were here about 2 weeks before his birthday this year but Jackson didn't care...
Sarah and Aaron! :)
...because he got a birthday party while he was here :)
Cupcakes and smiles!
This was Jackson's last picture as a 4 year old... :(

This was our special birthday breakfast at the donut shop complete with a candle (just forgot the lighter this time ...opps)
We did the chain countdown this year again and it was great. He LOVES it.
Then later that day *actually on his birthday* the party began!

Such a cute cake from Ann's Bakery in Tulsa (I LOVED IT)
Jackson's best little friend Colton came to the superhero party!

Micah and Hope came too! Such cuties
Jackson changed costumes
WE were delighted that the Glowstick Girls made their appearance! (Thanks Marguerite, Ashley and Olivia)
Mario made it to the party!
ANd then the whole gang of superheroes.  The fantastic 4~(which I was Torch)
Fun new family pic
Charleigh had NO idea what was going on and thought we were all VERY strange :)
Pinatas are always fun...and the big hit of the party! This was where the superhero training obstacle course was too :)
The next series of pics were taken consecutively as he was opening his gifts :) Gotta love it. :)
Love this one of the two of them!
Happy birthday my sweet boy! I love you.
You are my superhero!

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