Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sun+Water =Happy

We went to Branson with my parents a few weekends ago and had a blast.  That was the first real swim of the summer :) 

This was at 9:30 in the morning and it was ABSOLUTELY freezing.  Didn't stay in too long.
My dad was suckered into the water by this little polka-dot cutie
This was later in the day and we went over the club to swim in the indoor heated pool, which was still very cold to me. It's all the same to them I
I love love love these floaties.  They are the greatest things ever and have latest 2 summers :)
This is one of Charleigh's really cute suits with a hood :) I love it!  She LOVED playing in the water in the pool and didn't seem to be bothered by the cold.  She giggled and splashed and had a great time.
My parents came up to Bville to the new splash pool on the 2nd day it was open here. It was very fun for the big kids! Charleigh didn't know what to think of the water this day. 
Creighton had a blast over in the zero entry area and the 4 slides to choose from over there since she's too small to ride the 2 big slides like Bubba.
Pretty much Jackson rode the big slides about 45 times (maybe more).  As soon as he flew out the bottom, he got right back in line.
Sweet boy, trampoline, and water....all smiles!
She gave me the "are you crazy" of course this is how this swimsuit is suppose to go when I told her it was DEFINITELY on backwards...Thank the good Lord we were only in our backyard.  This is a size 2T and she is in a size not only would it probably have shown her "boo-boos" anyway, this is just classic blackmail right here.
a view from the back...a little Brazilian cut...
More fun on the trampoline, sporting his new suit from Pop
And, I'll leave you with a warning...
If you EVER see Creighton standing like this...DO.NOT. walk where she was....classic "I'm peeing" pose

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HILARIOUS!!! Love it!!!