Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Reasons to Celebrate!

This week Charleigh turns 8 months (tomorrow) and Jackson turns F.I.V.E. Um, hello?! How did this happen? I am not ready for a five year old! I have been supressing the thoughts of him being in school everyday all day next year, but I realized that its merely 7 weeks away!

My oldest and my youngest having major milestones is just a little too much for me right now.

Charleigh is trying desperately to walk. She claps, she waves.  She said "da-da" tonight but refuses to say it when Jeff is around.  She moves constantly and loves to be moving. She dances which is AMAZINGLY adorable.  She is currently cutting 4 new teeth to add to her 4 teeth already in her mouth and she loves to smile all the time to show them off!  She giggles and cackles and laughs and squeals with delight and oh I just can't get enough.

Jackson is one smart cookie.  Oh man. The boy has a memory like nobody's business. It's really quite MENSA-like if you ask me, but don't, because I might cry when I realize he's big enough to go to school now, and really, he's going to do amazing I know it.  I am just anxious about it though, but I do know this is going to be good for him too.  He dotes on Charleigh all the time and although they fight like cats and dogs, he really does love his sister Creighton too.  The boy can play some video games like nobody's business and for being only 4, he's quite good.  He can make anything electrical work in a jiffy (even when no one else can). He might be destined to be some type of engineer.  He loves me well and I love that about him.  He is my cuddler/lover boy, although it is sad, because I can feel him becomming less and less this way unless he's really tired or just woke up.  Thankfully he still gets that way each day :) 

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