Thursday, August 28, 2008

Grumpy Day.

Today has been a rough day. I wasn't feeling well last night and took some medicine for my stomach and didn't sleep at all. Then today my children woke up VERY early for them (Jackson several times).

Then Jackson went to his first (and according to Jeff, his last) Dance class (tap, ballet and tumbling). He did okay I think. 2 boys in a room full of girls (all 3-4 years old!)...glad I am not the teacher. Anyway, Creighton was a bear during the one hour trying to occupy her. She is driving me NUTS!

Afterwards we went to the FLC to attempt to play volleyball. They wouldn't listen and there wasn't anyone there to watch them, so they "won" and I didn't get to play. But I hurt my knee. I am not certain what I did, but it hurts very very badly! I can barely walk. So now I am tired and injured and my kids are on my very last nerve.

We are going to Enid soon and I can't wait.


Angel said...

tomarrow will be better. while reading your blog easton just stares at Creighton. can 1 1/2 year olds have crushes? your kids are so beautiful

KNH said...

I hope your knee gets better!!!

Maria said...

The Boy and I start gymnastics in January. I can't wait. Fortunately, Kevin thinks it is a great idea. :)

jeff said...

we're home... and i finally got to read your e-card!! Thanks a bunch baby... and now we work!! :)

Love you bunches and could not have done any of what we have achieved without you!!

With all that i have today...which isn't as much as i will give you tomorrow :)