Thursday, August 21, 2008

Creighton's having a rough day

Creighton has had a rough day today. poor baby. This morning she slept way later than normal, as in didn't get up at all till 9 (she usually feeds at 6:30). I was at the doctor and Jeff went in to get her and she had coughed and puked everywhere. When I got home she was all cleaned up and was happy as a lark running around the house. So that was just no fun...but not too bad I guess.

Then later this morning we were doing an art project (homework) for Jackson's class. I am a glue gun fanatic and think it is just easier and faster than any other type of adhesive, although now that I have kids, I might have to reconsider EVER doing it again in front of them...

Creighton decided she (obviously) NEEDED to do an art face I got another plate and was helping her make hers. I put a huge (quarter size) glob of smoldering hot glue on the plate and was gathering up the spaghetti noodles to use for her hair when she stuck her hand/wrist/underside arm right in it. I freaked because she was freaking. So my first instinct was to just wipe it away as fast as I could. I am pretty sure that made it worse. I am an idiot. For doing it with her in the first place and then for responding how I did. Although I am not certain that had I just left it on there to scald her skin all the more if it would have been any better. I reacted so fast...I just don't know. I keep replaying the scene in my head over and over.

She cries almost religiously every 10 minutes and holds up her arm. It looks TERRIBLE. It is huge too and all the skin is missing. I know that these things happen they are just not suppose to happen under my watch...ugh!

Anyway, the doc called her in some cool silver ointment and we are putting that on every 3 hours with a huge bandage wrap. She is finally sleeping now and I hope it just miraculously gets better. I am doping her up on tylenol and motrin every 4-6 hours. She looks miserable some times and then others acts like she is okay....I still feel awful about it.

She obviously HATES her face plate and when she sees it she just cries and says, "HOT!!!" very loudly. Poor thing. So much for that.

Oh yeah and Jeff is gone till midnight or later...yee-freakin'-ha

I did post below this morning before I left for the doctor. Everyone was asleep and all was peaceful! :)

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Becky said...

I'm so sorry! I hope she heals quickly. I will pray for her.