Monday, June 22, 2009

Father, Dad & Daddy

Yesterday was Father's Day, duh, you all knew that. I know. But I am just getting to the computer. I know everyone feels the same bias towards their husbands/fathers. But I am so incredibly blessed with three of the most amazing examples I could have ever asked for.

My earthly father, aka: Dad, is awesome. He still treats me like his princess even though I am all grown up and a mommy. He loves on me and kisses and hugs me and I love it! He empowers me with encouragement, grounds me with love and faith and strength, and yet, all at the same times, lets me spread my wings and fly. He is such a balance of love, life, and strength for me. I love him with all I am. Thank you Daddy for being such a great dad and Papaw to my children, and husband to my mom.

My heavenly Father, aka: Abba, Is that He Is. He is more amazing than my simple words could define. He is more than I can try to comprehend, explain, contain, describe, or understand. He is my mystery, my true life, my everlasting and unconditional love, my true strength, my creator, my friend, my father, my redeemer, my savior, my God. Thank you.

And then there is my husband, aka: Jeff/Daddy. He is the sweetest, most sincere, loving daddy to my children! He is amazing with them and they both love him so much. He plays with them, he teaches them, he loves them, he disciplines them, he is there for them, he reads to them, he hugs them, he kisses them, he prays for them every day, he holds them, he wipes their tears, he entertains them, he is the essence of a great Daddy! Thank you honey for all you do for them, and me too! I love you. So much. More.

I have saved this shirt for months for her to wear on Father's Day! :) I love it. Just in case you can't read it, it says "My daddy is awesome"

I know it is blurry...but wouldn't you know I took about 15 and this is the only one where they are both looking AND smiling at the same time.

And this is Jackson in his 'stance' that his Daddy is teaching/taught him.
The kids had SOOO much fun painting a box they picked out from Hobby Lobby for him. We put their handprints on it, their pictures on it and then some stickers too. It is a love box to him from them. My idea was to print off a bunch of pictures to go in it, but I never made it that far. Oh well. One day. He liked it anyway. in that, 'oh my toddlers made me a gift' kind of way! He is a great Daddy and deserves the world!
Jackson woke up first on Sunday (before ANY of us) and woke Jeff up with the box. It was funny because I didn't even tell him it was Father's Day on Saturday night. He woke up, got the box out of hiding and brought it to Jeff all by himself. He is such a sweet boy.

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Jackson, by the way, is owning the stance!!