Monday, June 1, 2009

The Bartlesville Hunt

Okay,'s the test!

These were my clues (the first of 3 for each location). You get 2 points for every correct place. I will give partial credit if you are close (my discretion). Some of the times are a little off...but close enough. And there were a few that I can't give out because they'd give out one of the main ones. Have fun!

Stop #1 10am
Stop#2 10:10a
Stop #3 10:30a
Stop #4 10:50a (ps. whoever stole my star here....i don't like you :))
Stop #5 Noon
Stop #6 1:30p (extra credit available'll either know or you won't)
Stop #7 3:45pm
Stop #8 4pm
Stop #9 4:30p

Stop #10 5:30p
Stop #11 7pm
Stop #12 8:15p
Stop #13 10p
Stop #14 11pm
Person with the most points wins a fun little prize. Contest runs till Friday June 5th. Email me with your answers so everyone has fair advantage. bergcourtney [at] yahoo [dot] com