Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Where did the time go? (The Day Before)

If you missed what this is a picture of, you can check it out here. I can't believe there is only one chain left till his birthday. When we made it, it looked so long. Now, it's here.
This was the last picture I took of him when he was 3. Is he not the most precious little thing?!! He is so so so so handsome.
We made cupcakes for his class at school tomorrow. Then I used the rest to fill a bread pan with for a small cake. I decided last minute to cute it in half and make it a mini-layered cake and then even more last minute I decided to decorate it. Jeff had drawn this picture of Spiderman and it's been hanging on our frig ever since. So I took it down and tried to replicate it on the cake with 5 minutes. It's okay; Jeff's drawing is much better...
But Jackson was SO excited about it (and even Creighton said, "oh Spiderman!") that he wanted to 'pose' with the cake. That we aren't eating till tomorrow. He hopped up on the table and sat just like that with his cake. It cracked me up. He's hilarious.
We had a few leftover cupcakes so I let the kids decorate their own and then they ate them. Creighton was REALLY liking the icing. :)
Jackson was liking the whole thing...he devoured it in like 2 minutes.
Tonight as I made it into his room to check on him, I noticed the clock: 12:04. And so I took a picture of my sweet little baby, who is growing up before my very eyes. He's 4. It's officially now 'the day'. It's 1:03 right now, which means 4 years ago this very moment I was still pushing. And he came out at 1:38a. Wow.
Happy Birthday my favorite little man in the whole wide world~ your mommy loves you so!
Another quick funny about tonight...I told Jackson to go pick out his pajamas to wear tonight.
me: jax, go pick out your jammies you want to turn 4 in
jax: oh yeah, good idea mom
me: what are you gonna pick
jax: [searching through his drawer] I think I'll pick these (totally not matching and very insignificant pair of pjs) to grow old in
me: [laugh]


Hannah E. said...

It IS hard to believe it's been four years. And I think we'll say that every year. I was so excited for that little guy to be born! And I think I've almost forgiven you for not telling me you went into labor that day! =) I mean, it's not like you were just sitting there, doing nothing, and thinking of people to call....=)

Very impressed with the cake, by the way. It looks GOOD!

Kipplyn said...

So precious! You are doing an amazing job cherishing the time. I remember Chandler's 4th birthday. A very pink princess party! Seems like yesterday in some ways and very very far away in others. Blessings to your family! Thanks for sharing! I think I will steal some of your ideas for George! He will love it!

khowze said...

Funny about the pajamas. Very impressive on the cake. You are right, he is so handsome and time has flown!

Yesterday, during the whole me dying conversation, I told Emma I wanted to be around to see who she was going to marry and she said, "I am going to marry Jackson."

They will be walking down the aisle before we know it...even if it is not with each other :)

P.S. Wouldn't that be great if she is right, though?

Marci said...

Oh Happy Birthday (late) Jackson! What a great cake for last minute! One thing I like to do the night before their birthday is to ask them a hundred times "How old are you?" and then I tell them that this is the LAST day they will ever be able to answer with that age. The kids think it is funny when I keep asking them "How old are you?" over and over and over again.
You are a great and creative mom!