Monday, May 11, 2009

Potty Training...whew

Creighton's potty training is going well after a major setback on Wednesday and Thursday. We didn't have such a successful day on Wednesday as she had a pee accident (twice) and a poop in the panties. Not good...I took Kara's advice and threw those out...Then Thursday she went to Mother's Day out in panties and I mentioned that she didn't have a great day but hoped she'd be doing better today.

She didn't. at all. it was bad.

In fact the teachers were both saying: she is NOT ready. I thankfully wasn't the one that picked the kids up so I didn't have to face that embarrassment.

So I am totally ready to throw the towel in all together by this point, when by some crazy thought process I kept pressing on and encouraging the heck out of her.

She did better on Friday and only had a mini-accident once. Thankfully on our plastic covered chairs and wood floor (easy clean up). And she noticed and held it and finished on the potty. With lots of encouragement from said friend Kara, I again, pressed forward.

She did great the rest of the day.

She went with my mom and dad for the weekend. Didn't have one accident and that included 2 long car rides :) Whoo hoo.

Yesterday she did great as well and Jeff forgot to change her to a diaper for nap time and she woke up dry and I took her straight to the potty and she went. Huge success.

We went to school today again in underwear. I hope she does better. I get to face the teachers at the end of the day :)

Now this time I hope I didn't jinx myself into a setback again...:) SERIOUSLY. PLEASE.

I am so proud of her. Has nothing to do with me. DID YOU HEAR THAT? :)


Hannah E. said...

I think you're smart to listen to your instincts about her readiness. I'm sure the teachers are truly trying to be helpful, but YOU are her mother. YOU will know if she's not ready. The success she's had definitely makes it look like she's ready! It seems to me that kids who aren't ready don't have as many good days as Creighton has had already. All kids just train at different paces, and accidents are to be expected in this stage. It doesn't mean it's not working or that you're doing anything wrong or that it isn't time for her to train. You're doing a great job with training her! I hope this isn't too much opinion from me, but I just want to encourage you to keep trusting your gut!! If YOU think she's not ready, then that's ok to stop and try later. But sometimes people are unintentionally negative about kids' readiness when they shouldn't be, and it's discouraging to the mom. That happened to my friend Holly. She just decided to move forward with potty training because she had already seen some success with it and tune out the nursery workers' not-so-helpful opinions.

Hope the rest of it goes well. I'll be asking you questions one day about training a girl!

April said...

Yea!! I hope she had a great day at mother's day out!!

jeff said...

Three Comments... 1) I'm the one that picked them up, facing that deserves at least an honorable mention!! 2) I did not forget to change her into a diaper, I was showing my confidence!! :) 3) I still love you Oh, so much!!