Friday, May 22, 2009

What we've been up to: Part I, The Zoo

We met up with my college roommate, Michelle, at the Zoo the other day. I had a blast watching my kids interact with her kids and of course, meeting Noah for the first time. He's such a doll and a really really good baby.
This was towards the end of our day and Creighton was getting tired and Jackson was running on pure wild male adrenaline.
But cute, nonetheless.
The best one of at least 10 trying to get them all to look up. Malachi wasn't looking at my camera once. :( but 2 cute faces and one scrunched up Rae, and a somber looking-off Malachi = good enough.
They had a blast together. Malachi and Jackson are only 3 weeks apart, but Michelle is well over 6 feet and so is her husband. Needless to say he towers over Jackson in height and weight and maturity
I absolutely adore their innocence and sweet friendship...just look at the joy on their faces.

And then my sweet little girl...she just loves and adores her brother. Can you see how beautiful she is? I just melt with their smiles...especially the genuine ones.

Then this picture just cracks me up. I think I caught on film (digital) what happens when a little boy pulls his monkey tail too fast, too tight between his legs....ahahahah (I know I shouldn't laugh...but CA-racks me up!)
Michelle and I didn't get a whole lot of good deep conversation in between the 4 of them running around, but it was good to see her and let our kids play. It was a gorgeous day too! We were asking ourselves "did you ever think we'd be doing this?" "watching our little boys have the time of their lives together..." It was good. Really good.

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khowze said...

Okay, going to post about all three on one...The pic of Jackson at the haircut place was ADORABLE! Creighton sleeping bare bottom is so funny and I was taking a sip of coffee as I scrolled down to the last pic of Jackson pulling the tail between his legs and about spit it out all over the computer screen from laughing so hard!!