Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cold & Rain GO AWAY

I am very ready for sunshine and no more rain. I haven't checked the forecast for the week though. Mainly, because I never do. I am THAT mom who sends her kids to school in shorts because it was warm on Sunday, only to find out that when I pull the van out of the garage there is snow on the ground, and typically I have forgotten their jackets too! :)

My kids are bouncing off the walls to get outside. So the last few days whenever it hasn't been pouring, even though our backyard looks like a pig pen full of water and mud, I have been letting them play outside. Of course, Creighton now has a minor cold. But whatever.

I'm over it.

I am forcing summer whether it's ready to come or not!

My children have outgrown 90% of their cold/cool weather clothing and I refuse to buy any more just to have summer finally come and them not be able to wear it ever again. So they look a little, shall I say, home-ly most of the time. Jackson's long sleeves are now three-quarter sleeves and pants are capris. Oh yes, and he is dressing himself these days, so he looks AWE-some.

Oh yeah, and we are in the mix of potty training Creighton as of TODAY. She is ready I think. She's been showing some signs for awhile now.

Today after church she put herself in big girl underwear and took off her diaper. She peed in the toilet. She got a sticker on her chart. My mom called to tell me she pooped on the potty all by herself at her house last week, so I let her put some more stickers on her chart for that. She peed one other time, and only a little leaked in her underwear before she remembered to get on the toilet. All-in-all a good first day. No accidents, but in all actuality she was only in panties for like 5 hours I think.

We'll see how this goes. I am not forcing it in the slightest but I am excited with hope that ONE day in the future I will be finished with diapers in my home...maybe forever :)

I am hoping to post my Easter pictures tomorrow...yep...only a month late.


Kathryn said...

Uh--yeah. Jacklyn took her diaper off sometime during the night...So I found a pee-soaked bed/child when I went in to get her this morning. Fun, fun. She needs to potty train too.

I hear ya on the summer thing. My girls actually play IN the rain. I just put old clothes on them and let 'em play!

blessedwkids said...

I don't watch the weather either. I base what my kids wear according to the weather from the previous day...which in Oklahoma is NOT a smart thing to do!

Just wanted you to know you're not alone!

Have a great week! And good luck with the potty training thing! Here's to NO MORE DIAPERS!!

Hannah E. said...

That's exciting about potty training! Sounds like she is ready. I'm dreaming of the day when there will be no more diapers in our house...