Monday, April 27, 2009

Our Chicago Trip!!!

We are back from our trip to: and it was fantastic! It was thrilling to have NOTHING to do (for me anyway, Jeff worked). I don't have any pictures of what I did the most...sleep, relax, lay in bed, watch tv, know the things that make up my perfect vacation. But I do have pictures of what I did actually see and do while there! :)
Except I did go visit Kathryn and we had fun! We saw lots of Art Galleries and paid $26 for 2 hours of parking downtown....
Here is Wrigley Field. There was CUBS stuff EVERYWHERE all over the place. Jeff and I neither care a lot about baseball, but to get to my cousin's apartment, we passed it. So we took a picture.

This is us after it POURED down rain for 30 minutes straight while we were walking in it. It was neat though because it left downtown Chicago empty. Literally it was just us...not even the homeless were out. We were miles from our bus stop and had nothing, so we kept on keeping on...and had a blast!
see....that's me. It had stopped raining for about 10 minutes and so we had a few brave souls that joined me near 'the bean' but usually there are hundreds of people around it!

Here is my cousin Mandi, who lives in Chicago and loves it. (I wouldn't live there if you paid me a million bucks). This was before it rained and it was still nice out. :)
being silly...again, 'the bean' (although I think it is actually called Cloud Gate, everyone calls it the bean)
This is also before it rained and you can see we were amid the masses.

This was a cool place where kids love to play...and get very wet! :)

The other thing Jeff and I love to do is poke around nice neighborhoods and gawk at all the homes. These two neighborhoods were by far the craziest I've ever seen. They just may as well wallpaper with 100 dollar bills...ridiculous. Jeff wants doors like this one day though. Really really big ones! :) I think he prefers wooden ones though.

craziest....we have a 3 picture panoramic of this house...because it is so big you can't get it all in one picture. INSANE!
We had a fantastic time! I loved it but I missed my babies. They were very happy to see us, but had a great time with grandparents (and their own adventures)!


Dalene said...

I love Chi-Town so much, I can't stand it. My brother lives there. I beg Hubby-Bear all of the time to move. I love the culture and energy of the city. I have a school picked out for the kids and everything. :o)

Becky said...

Jason is sitting with me. He just said, "Oh, they got a new house!!!" Thought that might amuse you. Glad you had a fun time away.

hyperactive lu said...

Looks like fun!!!