Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Bunny Funny

AHHHHH. I haven't been on the computer roughly ALL week. It's been good but crazy. Jeff wasn't feeling well all week and so he was resting quite a bit and the computer is in our room. When he wasn't resting, he was on it! :) (trying to get some work done from the house).

Anyway, I have much to say and no time to say it...I have pics too!

We had a fantastic Easter weekend. Can't wait to share. But the kids are out of school tomorrow so it may be later this week when I can update again...I will certainly try. I am SO behind.

Hope all of your Easter weekend's were incredible. Thank you Jesus for your sacrifice...

Funny thing really quick, so this wasn't totally a waste of all our time...

This morning my sweet boys in my life were leaving to go to early service. As they were walking out, I said " Happy Easter, Buddy" to Jackson.

He turned around and said "Happy Easter Bunny to you too mom" with the sweetest most sincere be three! :) Jeff and I was awesome


Hannah E. said...

Aww, how cute! It was so fun seeing y'all last weekend! Jonah talked about Jackson quite a bit. I'm behind too right now. It's a common feeling for me, though. I wonder what it feels like to actually be all caught up and if I will EVER experience that in my lifetime.

Kathryn said...

Hey--just so you know, you seem more positive lately. I hope you are feeling it too! Still praying for you!

Jacklyn was very cute this morning. To teach her to say I love you, we have all been saying (with her repeating) " you..." This morning, I said "" and she yelled "YOU!" and pointed at me with her tiny little finger, and a great big smile on her face. I almost cried!

Vickie said...

that's really cute! Saw your pics on FB, I really like that cake... cute idea.