Sunday, April 5, 2009

Our Life in Living Color

I am CERTAIN I will not be able to accurately portray with words what unfolded in my house this evening. But if for nothing other than for Jeff and I to remember exactly why two of us were in tears laughing, then it's worth my efforts here.

I was getting the kids pajamas and their toothbrushes while Jeff and Jackson were wrestling. It was funny in the beginning because Jackson was literally beating Jeff up (without knowing it) and of course Creighton wasn't helping--she has this really crazy way of always finding his really "sensitive" areas.

Anyway, in all this process, Jackson fell on Jeff's face and Jeff unfortunately realized he hadn't quite got it all when he went the bathroom last. (sorry for grossness). Either way, I went to get a wipey so Jeff could clean him completely when he was changing him into his jammies. Well Jeff did, but then while he was getting his pants and underwear on while laying on the floor flat (also while Jeff was brushing Jackson's teeth) Jackson just started spraying PEE everywhere. Just like when he was a baby! He'd hit the blinds behind him when he was 5 days old.

I don't know what happened, or how, or why. He never does that. EVER.

But he did tonight.

It was everywhere. On Jeff. On his face. On Jackson. ALL over his body. On the carpet.

It was so funny. So incredibly funny. But the funny didn't stop there.

Jackson starts strutting through the house like an old man. Literally hunch backed and slowly. Oh yeah, he's butt naked, too. I don't know what on earth he was doing, where he saw it, or what...but Jeff and I were ROLLING laughing. And what was better was he was laughing and smiling so big like he knew he was funny.
almost the same moment:
Creighton was in the bathroom and then I hear her scream. I run into find her sopping wet. Jeff didn't finish draining the bathtub and she'd fallen in. Of course, AFTER I had just put her in her clean pajamas.
We just looked at each other (he followed me in) and laughed and said..."wow. really? this is so us. this is our life and we love it!"


khowze said...

Great way to end the day!

blessedwkids said...

Life with kids is NEVER dull!! Glad you could laugh through all that!

Marci said...

That's GREAT! Thanks for the laugh. Now you need to pray that Jackson doesn't think that he was so funny in doing this that he decides to do it AGAIN! LOL :)

Kathryn said...

Strange, random stuff like this happens in my house ALL THE TIME!
Life is never dull with kids!