Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Potty Training--Not as Successful

Okay, so I wasn't gloating about Creighton and her Potty Training success. I was just merely recording for her (and me) how all this went about. But apparently God heard my pride and today humbled me (and her...although, wait, nope, she wasn't humiliated or sorry or anything).

She woke up and didn't want to put on panties, so I left her in her diaper for a little bit. Then I told her she had to put on panties now. She complied, but I should have taken her earlier comment that she most definitely did not want to be in panties...

We went to the Zoo today and had a blast. She did exceptionally well. I was worried in the car (45 minute) but she did well. We got there and I parked and we went straight to the bathrooms. They both went to the bathroom and was successful! Yeah!

We saw lots of animals and had lots of fun (although I was burning up and so were they because if you'll remember my post about dressing my kids with any regard to the weather, I failed again today). It was 80 and sunny out (I dressed us for 65 and black long sleeves and jeans for all!)

Anyway, as we were leaving the zoo I decided that Creighton would fall asleep in the car on the way home and I should put her in a pull up. She went pee on the potty again and then I put her in a pull up. Success!

She woke up from her very short nap dry. So proud :) Then we headed straight to the Dentist for Jackson. He did amazingly well this time at the Dentist, much UNlike last time. He was the perfect patient today and A BONUS, no cavities this time! I tried to get her to go there but she tried and said she didn't need to. For some reason that registered to me as she went....

So when we were at the park eating our snow cones (his treat for being so good at the dentist...loaded with sugar I know...but whatever), she peed on herself. For her credit, she did so after sitting down on a warm bench to get the rocks out of her shoes. She said "ut, oh" and I knew as I see a big wet spot from where she sat. But unfortunately it didn't bother her much.

So I got her all cleaned up and new stuff on. I tried not to discourage her, but to just encourage her to tell me when she needed to go. (and of course I went nuts when she did so well at the Zoo but I think without the immediate sticker award it didn't quite have the effect I had in mind).

Anyway, so we come home to eat before church and we are not home 10 minutes before she said "Poo-Poo". I was quite sad to realize she didn't mean she needed to go...

but rather,

HAD already. In her panties.

It was gross, but not nearly as gross as I imagined it being (thank goodness). Got her cleaned up and realized we'd be at the church for 4 hours almost and didn't want to mess with it so I put her in a pull up. The nursery workers said they kept asking and she didn't need to go. But her diaper was wet when we got home. So today wasn't nearly as successful and I am wondering if I should just lay off...although I had started to get excited about the thought of no more diapers.

EVERY single time I ask her if she needs to go, she says no. But if I tell her it's potty time, she will go most of the time (at least tries). I think this is because that is what they do at school, not sure. So I am thinking she might not totally get the concept yet.



jeff said...

You're doing great honey!! You are my hero and a great mommy!!

khowze said...

She's doing great!! Don't stress and don't worry. She will get it. She's quite young to be doing this great already. Keep it up...the encouragement and the consistency and she will have it down soon.

You are quite brave with the trip to the zoo on day 4!! And my only advice...just trash the panties with poop in them!! The cost of replacing them is worth avoiding that ultimate grossness!

Maria said...

I would say she is not quite ready. Keep asking her if she wants/ needs to go. We asked The Boy while he was still in diapers-- change the diaper or try to potty. When he asked us to use the toilet, we went on with the learning. Well, I put it on hold for the trip to Milan, but e was in Milan asking to poop on the potty, so when we got back, it was underwear. At first, I gave him the option of underwear or pullup at night, and he started asking for underwear so we ditched the pullups too. All this to say, I don't think she is ready based on what you wrote.

Kathryn said...

I second what Kara said...especially on the trashing the panties thing...ick!