Sunday, September 23, 2012

Family Reframed

New Beginnings has been doing a series called Family Reframed and for several weeks we had a photographer there to take pictures of families! It was so fun and such a neat opportunity to get free pics of my kids and family! Thanks Autumn they're wonderful!

After church that day we went to eat at Taco Bueno. The kids wanted to show off some more. This picture absolutely cracks me up and sums up my children's personalities to a T. Creighton super dominant, competitive, sassy, on top, foot crushing someone else and Jackson will just smile and take it underneath her! Oh dear. Help us all.
 And sweet Charleigh...too young to show just how much she's gonna buck the system ;)
 Love my family. Oh how I love them! I love these pictures that I can cherish forever. I love that it captures personalities and facial expressions and everything in between. I love each of my 4 other family members completely, wholly, uniquely. I am so very blessed!

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