Thursday, September 27, 2012

Kindergarten Field Trip Fun.

Creighton's class (and all of K) went to the Livesay's Orchards for a field trip. I went as a chaperone. I was in charge of 4 girls (one of which was Creighton). "Not too hard" so I thought. I lost them multiple times. One of mine didn't speak English and one was the worst kind of tired/cranky. Thankfully there were LOTS of other parents and all the teachers.  We all survived fine. But once again showed me that I am not meant to teach elementary. EVER!

 Every year, Creighton is on mission to get a small pumpkin and it takes her an eternity to pick one. Most indecisive person I think I've ever met. Which is strange since she's the most opinionated usually.
 Girls love of horses is not fading...
 Fun class...full of awesome personalities...

This was the first year we've not gone as a family to a pumpkin patch. But I was thankful to go with Rae with her class. She loved it and was SO tired herself when the day was over!

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