Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Whole lot of sibling love!

Random pics over the past few weeks with these precious babies of mine. Love them, and love that most of the time they love each other !
 Creighton and Charleigh on their way to school
 Creighton ate lunch with Bubba at school! precious treat for both of them!
 Creighton's Key Kid night she chose Chuck E Cheese. They loved playing together!
 again at CEC.
 These two spend A LOT of time together this semester since Rae is at home now MWF and they go to the same school together T/TH.
 Jackson and Creighton share a room, but not a bed. But one night when I came in to check on them, this is how I found them. I LOVED it. The story the next morning was that she was scared and joined him. He scooted over and the rest was history.
 Park days are a blast. Waiting on Bubba since he gets out an hour later, this a great way to kill some time together :)
Smiley girls at CEC doing a game together!

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