Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Charleigh's first OFFICIAL haircut

I took the girls in together for a hair cut (trim). This was Charleigh's first official "salon" cut. 

In efforts for her hair to not look like this :) hahaah 
I must say Charleigh (just so you know for future) that your hair is CRAZY :) but I love it. We finally found a product that we like and when we  actually remember to use it, it makes your hair lovely! We say together , "hello curls" each time we use it and then you smile your precious grin and press your cheek to mine as you look at it in the mirror.

The lady at the salon said your hair is actually biracial: your hair in the back is coarser and curlier and refuses to grow, and the hair on top of your head is fine and barely any curl and grows long. It makes styling it difficult. But we manage. :) She said when you are 10-12 we can perm the whole head and it will begin to train the top to curl like the bottom.

You are beautiful no matter what, crazy bed head or beautiful tight curls :)

Ps. the product is JUST FOR ME Curl smoother creme

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