Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Baby Boy

So you will always be my baby boy, because you were my first, and you are my only boy and I'm just not okay with you growing up! :) But nonetheless you've continued to grow and grow and grow. Everyone lately is commenting on how tall you've gotten, how big you are, how much you look like your daddy! All true. All good things. Except I can't stand you getting so big and tall and old.
 Daddy had a few of his old shirts you LOVE to wear. You look and act just like him. Thankfully I'm kind of fond of your Daddy and I think it's a good thing. (although I think you are cuter at this age than he was and I can say that, because I didn't know him then :))

 You are a sweet compassionate lil man, yet you are all boy. You love to rock out and be silly, but you can also think deeply and feel with a depth most 6 year olds, especially boys that age, don't understand.

 You are hilariously funny. You don't mind being a stage and the center of attention (you MUST get that from your Daddy...definitely not from me).
 You are a handsome little guy and you love to be the best, sometimes even if it means making up new rules along the way. :)
 You are an amazing big brother to your sisters. You try hard to be patient and loving with them most of the time. You bow up and protect them at all times when we are out in public.  They look up to you and love you too!
 You are a great mixture of momma's boy and Daddy's lil man. You love to cuddle and love love love quality time. You love people, but often I'll find you spending "private time" alone too.

 You are strong. You are tender. You are mighty, but you know how to cry and know how to read others (for the most part). You care. I love that about you.
 You are getting a lot more talkative and I love having conversations with you. I love to hear the way your mind works and what you think and how you think. You are smart. You love to figure things out.

 I adore your smiles and you are always spot on to flash them to me. Along with the ASL "I Love You" sign. That gets me every time. :)
 You still hold our hands and ooh I just melt like butter when you do. 
 I kiss you EVERY night after you are asleep. It's one of the most treasured times of the day for me. Sometimes I sit and just stare at the wonder that at one time you were in my belly and I held you in my arms and you were so tiny and small.
 I adore you Jackson....all that you are and will be.
I can't wait to see what God has in store for you. You can do and be anything He wants for you to be. I am honored to be your Mommy and walk alongside you in life as you get older. I pray for you that your heart would be molded to be like Christ in all that you do and say. We all have a long road before us in that endeavor but I see in you a passion and a stirring. I hope that you will be just like your Heavenly and Father and a lot like your earthly Daddy. Thank you for being an amazing little boy. I love you and I love getting your hugs, snuggles and kisses.

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