Thursday, May 24, 2012

Our Day On The Ice!

I purchased a groupon for Ice Skating because Creighton has been begging to take ice skating lessons ever since she watch the movie "The Ice Princess." I stupidly thought, "how bad can it be?"
 My goodness though, she LOOKED adorable. I was shocked they had skates her size and was VERY unprepared for her to be on the ice or thinking her being on the ice was even an option. That was problem number 1.  I assumed she'd be thrilled and happy to just sit and watch her movie while we skated. But other than the 4 seconds it took me to take this picture, she was NOT at all happy to do that. Problem number 2.
 Creighton quickly found out that ice skating wasn't as easy as it looked in the movie Problem 3 (although at least I was prepared for this one :))
 Charleigh was so cute and really wanted to be out on the ice with us the whole time. Zone defense parenting skills AND ice don't mix! Problem 4
 Precious kiddos...on the rubber they were GREAT :O)
 Having those OFF her feet was a beautiful site to see :) 2 year olds have no business having ice skates on!
 Precious little Ice Princess...
 Ice Prince
 The only pair of ice skates they had that fit me were SO incredibly painful to wear because of plastic malfunction. Problem 5 But thankfully I am at least effective in skating, certainly no Ice Princess, but I can hang. My kids took that times I am not sure how I didn't fall holding up both of their body weights as they wiped/almost wiped.

 MAJOR WIPEOUTS hurt really bad Problem 6. But the hugs you get while making it better make it easier on this momma's heart as I thought I was insane for bringing my kids to skate....

 Daddy was able to join us for most of the adventure! Wouldn't have made it at all without his help.

Falls without gloves, jeans and pads are NOT cool for kids.  Problem 7.

There were lots of problems, but all kinds of smiles, thumbs up, hugs and cute pictures along with them.  So it kinda was a wash. :) I doubt we'll be back any time soon, but it was a fun adventure while it lasted and I was never more thankful to be told free skate was over :)

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