Saturday, October 17, 2009


The other day Jeff was giving Jackson a bath and he kept kicking the bucket over the side of tub.  Jeff told him he'd get a spanking if he did it again.  Several minutes later, Jackson kicked the bucket again. 
Jeff: Jackson did you kick that out on purpose?
Jax: yes
Jeff: [spanked him]
Jax: [cried]
Jeff: [feeling bad, because maybe he doesn't know what " on purpose" means] Buddy, do you know what "on purpose" means?
Jax: yeah, it means you get a spanking!

Then today, Jeff and I were in our room, and the two kids were in the sunroom coloring.  I start laughing because I hear Creighton just rolling and cackling.  I LOVE her laughter, especially her belly laughs.  About the same time, Jeff and I thought that must mean something really bad was happening, unfortunately.  We were right.

lovely, he is learning to write the number 4!

this is Jeff getting on to them after their timeouts

my crazy man acting like a wild indian

But, after they sat in time out for a long time, I was talking with Jackson...the coversation went something like this:
Me: Jackson, why would you mark on the floor?
Jax: Maybe der are tings in me..
Me: what?
Jax: maybe der are widdle pepull in my belly
Me: what kind of people in your belly buddy?
Jax: maybe kind of widdle pepull that make me make bad choices
Me: how would those people make you make bad choices?
Jax: maybe day haf wemotes...(maybe they have remotes)
Me: [i had to walk away for fear of actually laughing AT him]

This boy is a mess and is constantly coming up with the craziest and funniest things on earth.  I just love it, even though it's not always easy to discipline him because he's too funny (and not to mention cute!)

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