Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Letter to my Four Year Old...

Creighton Teal,
I can't believe you are 4 as of an hour ago.  As I was going through all of the pictures just now putting together a montage of your life thus far, it hit me, just HOW MUCH I love you.  I love you.  I love you for who you are, who you aren't, who you will become (no matter what that is).  You are designed by the Maker of Heaven and Earth to be exactly the way you are.  You are so incredibly gifted, talented, beautiful beyond description, amazingly passionate (especially for only 4), loving, competitive, driven, and although I don't always enjoy it, strong-willed.  I love your determination and your tenacity!  You will not let life (or anyone else) get the best of you, because you are determined to get the best of it!  Daddy and I are trying so hard to guide you, train you up, love you the very best that we can so that you can be ALL that God has created you to be.  He didn't short-change you baby, you have it all, and you can be and do anything ANY.THING. you want to do.  I love you sweetheart.  I hope you have the very best birthday today and that this year will be one more for the memory books of all your looks, your attitude, your giggles, laughter and smiles!  You amaze me at all you have become, all you are, all you know, and how you desire to be and know more with every passing day.  Continue to press on and ask questions (even when it is 400/mile in the car) about life.  Explore. Gain wisdom and knowledge.  Daddy and I will always be here for you every step of the way.  You were never made to be "normal"...take your wings and soar.


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