Monday, November 8, 2010

Charleigh Update

Charleigh is changing in so many ways and all too fast for me!

She is already saying things and even putting two words together!  She is so fun to listen to. She (like her sister) loves to babble and talk all day.  So a majority of the time I have no idea what she is saying, but she sure does.  She just likes to hear herself....she's got lots of "air time" competition with Creighton around, so she is learning now, how to make herself heard, thus, is no longer my mild vocal level, but extra loud :)

She says the following words:
Tay (Taylor, her other brother)
Baba (bottle)
biap (diaper)
moo (for cow)
ruf (for dog)

This list is exponentially longer than Jackson's was at 2! It's so crazy that she is already communicating somewhat clearly.  The only sign language I taught her was "all finished" and it's pretty darn cute when she is finished! :)

She weighed 20 pounds 13 ounces at her 1 year baby visit and was 31 inches long.  She is like 90% in height.

She is starting to walk more and is getting stronger and more confident everyday.  Its so cute to watch her.  She just seems SOOOO little to be walking, even though she is my oldest walker by months from her siblings.  She's just adorable and still takes lots of spills, thank goodness for a padded bum!

I love you Charleigh Tatum Berg.

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The Schumachers said...

Thanks for the update! We need to come over and witness some of these things!! Sounds like fun around your house!