Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Letter to Charleigh at 1

Charleigh Tatum,
I am not really sure why your letter is so difficult to write. I don't think I expected a year to go by this fast.  You are ONE.  A whole year old.  It's crazy to me. I feel like just yesterday we got the world's greatest phone call and then bam, you're a year old!  I can't begin to explain what a blessing you have been in our lives.  You were meant to be, from the beginning of time, a part of us, my daughter, my friend.  And in that plan, it also included extra family members for all of us.  Adoption has brought so many fresh reminders of our relationship with Christ and how it truly is.  I love you more than I can really comprehend.  And so do so many others in your world.  I love how you can seriously light up the darkest room, the darkest moments, with your smile, your eyes.  Your personality just radiates from within you. I know you were held in the Father's hands for quite some time before He was ready to grace us with your presence.  You reflect his glory, that's how I know.  You were made in His image Charleigh and you are beautiful. You are a masterpiece.  You are priceless.  You are our princess and His.
You are beginning to understand more of your world and the things around you and it's SO exciting to see you explore and get to see you comprehend and experience things for the first time.  I am so enjoying you and your babyhood that is quickly passing by.  I want it all to just slow down.  I love my cuddle time with you, I love your sweet kisses, your tender voice, your squeals, your laughter, your soft skin.  I love the look in your eyes when you see me. It makes my day. Everyday.  I am so privileged to be chosen to be your mommy by God and by your birth mom. I thank Him everyday for giving us to you as your family.  We are so blessed by you.  We couldn't possibly love you more on this side of heaven.  I can't wait to see what the next years hold for you and how you form into a beautiful child of God instead of just a baby.

You amaze me little bit.  I love you,

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