Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Creighton Teal turns 4!!!

Creighton Teal
born November 3
7 lbs 6 oz
You came out smiling and laughing and having a good ole time! :)

One of my favorites of you near your first birthday 
Happy 1st Birthday

Getting bigger and more ornery by the minute

You really loved *and still do* dressing up and you ALWAYS put your sunglasses on upside down.  Everytime. All the time.  Pricelessly adorable 
I just adore this picture of you.  You have a kitchen towel wrapped around your head, but I just LOVE it...and I love you! 
Couldn't believe how big you were getting and how old you looked the day I took this picture. 
Happy 3rd Birthday sweet girl 
You are always full of energy and life! 
Miss Fashionista.  Wanting to set trends by wearing your hair "curly" everyday.  Love that sweet smile. It looks good on you 
Queen of your world. Princess in mine :) Happy 4th Birthday baby girl 
This was the last picture taken of you late last night as you slept as a 3 year old for the last time.  You turned 4 officially only about 30 minutes later. The flash bothered you momentarily while you slept but it didn't wake you up.

You wanted to go to Eggbert's for breakfast this morning and so we all went together as a family! It was fun. You got pancakes and chocolate milk and we sang you happy birthday!  You wanted to wear your "4" shirt today and you wanted "curly" hair on your birthday for school, so that's why you were sleeping in braids up above.  You looked just like Creighton...confident, beautiful, mix-matched and crazy hair :) I love you sweet girl!


Kayla said...

Happy Birthday Creighton!! Love and miss you!! :)

Becky said...

Happy Birthday Creighton!!!!