Thursday, October 28, 2010


Our computer has been at the doctor.  (yes, the Mac that Jeff insisted we get because our PC's were only making it a year or two only lasted less than 2 least they are transferring ALL information and replacing it with a brand new one for nothing more than inconvenience)

Anyway. It's been frustrating because I couldn't blog because the laptop we are using in the mean time (not an iMac) wouldn't let me go to my blog page, but tonight I figured out a way around it.  I still can't get to my blog but I came straight to a new post from blogger direct and it is lettting me (so far) stay here.

So much has happend. So many important milestones in our life!  Most of them are documented in pictures and as soon as we get the new computer up and running again, I'll be sure to post several new ones.

Just wanted to touch base and write some things I wanted to post about:
Charleigh turned 1! (and I cannot possibly believe it)
Charleigh got a new tooth (and it is SO crooked already! ): ahhhhh)
Charleigh is starting to walk (and it's SOOOOOOO cute. )
Birthday Party
Field Trip/Bus Ride
Breakfast at school
Creighton is turning 4!
Charleigh is a biter! (and it hurts really bad)

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