Saturday, October 16, 2010


Jeff's parents came into town today to go with us to Spook-a-rama at the Kiddie Park.  It's completely crazy that we go, but every year, even with the crowds, the kids have a blast...and so do I.  Jeff decided to dress up as the fat Scot.  These first three pics are the kids' reactions to seeing him.

 Charleigh really didn't have a clue what was going on.  But she actually went to Jeff dressed up and I didn't think she would.
 My little beautiful princess is growing up way too fast.  I just can't get over how stunning she looked in this dress tonight.
 She was all smiles!
 Poor Charleigh.  Here's Jeff!
 My crew! I wasn't up to dressing up tonight. Party pooper me.  Oh well :)

...and the Beast!

Last year we all went as Batman.  This was just a mere six days before Charleigh was brought into this world. Oh my, so much has changed in just a year! :) I just checked my blog history and apparently I never posted about Spookarama last year. It seemed I must not have gotten to it before our life got turned upside down *for the better.  So here it is.  One of our last pics as a family of 4.

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