Monday, October 18, 2010

Creighton and Football!

Creighton has gone to stay with all of the grandparents at one time or another, whether it be with her siblings or alone.  However, within the last few months, she's developed this deep desire to be best buds with Grandma Debbie.  She has gone now 2 or 3 different times for long stays (several days at a time) by herself.  This past one was her longest at 5 days. It was WAY too long for me, but she seemed just fine!

Anyway, I am thinking you can tell she's spent quite a bit of time with Grandma Debbie, when you hear the following come out of her 3 year old self:

C: Do you know who the best football player is?
M: No, who?
C: Daddy is the best!
M: Oh, yes he is! (thinking that was sweet....and that'd be the end of the very random conversation*)
C: But do you know who the next best football player is?
M: No?
C: Brett Farve!

Seriously, his name has never been spoken in our home.  We don't watch football really ever, but if it is on, it's Dallas.  And as far as talking about football, the game, or the players, it just doesn't least when i am around.

So...she's officially been brainwashed! Thanks Debbie! :)

Now, it makes more sense that last time after she came home, I tried to get her to wear her brother's old Cowboys (Dallas) jersey and she said, "No, I want a purple one!" What have you done? :)

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