Friday, November 2, 2012

The Berg Garden

We had wanted to do a garden for some time, then one day in the middle of a busy couple weeks Jeff took the kids and went to Lowes on Saturday morning and upon returning the Berg Family garden began!!

We decided to make raised beds so we could start with "ideal" soil and zero weeds.  Found a place along the fence line in the backyard where sun we hit it every morning but not the entire day.  The beds are 4' by 8' so we could reach the center no matter where we were standing (Using two 8' treated 2by12s, giving us a chance for corn).
 Jeff also decided to go super organic by setting up trash cans to collect rain water and starting two separate compost bins (using chicken wire for ventilation of the compost and contained in a wood housing made from scraps).  Note: the trash cans need lids had two different instances of birds falling into the water and dying... Gross (No picture, you're welcome)!

After rotating the soil, planting our new seeds (from Conrad's) and watering... We waited!!
But it wasn't too long before we saw a sprout...


My most favorite part of each day was going out in the afternoon and weeding, watering and especially reaping our harvest.  The kids loved collecting all the cucumbers in their buckets (we ended up filling several 5-gallon buckets of just cucumbers)

Our first official meal with all 'Berg Garden' goods (we traded some of our lettuce and cucumbers for some farm fresh eggs and a whole chicken another friend has been raising)!!
The Berg Garden is now a staple and we can't wait to add two more beds this year and feeding our family and others (Not too mention use our "Black Gold", compost from the whole year)... Stay tuned!!

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