Thursday, November 8, 2012

"7" Month 1 Ending/Beginning of Month 2

At precisely Midnight on the 7th of November I most definitely had a caramel covered apple! Definitely felt sick afterward but it was so worth it! :)
 I lost about 10 pounds from Month 1 but after eating normally for 9 days I'd about gained it all back! :(
 November 7th started Month 2: Clothing.
Jeff took a picture of his clothing that he had for the month. 
Pair of Khaki Cargo Shorts
Pair of Jeans
Pair of Athletic Shorts
NorthFace Jacket
Black Polo
Hurley TShirt
Watch DOGS Tshirt
Tennis shoes and flip flops

I chose:
Pair of Jeans
Pair of Running/Yoga Pants
NorthFace Jacket
Blue Bixby TShirt
Black E Women Tshirt
LongSleeved Blue Barnabas Tshirt
Black nice Long Sleeved Blouse
Running shoes and Crocheted Toms

It wasn't hard for me to do this month, just inconvenient at times. I made two exceptions, as we spent several days at Great Wolf Lodge and I needed a swimsuit. But considering any bras, underwear, and socks were free I threw in swimsuit since I'd never wear it out in public alone, except for the pool. And then I was summoned to court for CPO (unexpectedly) and needed to be in nice Business for a few hours one day I had on slacks, formal blouse, and heels, and even donned jewelry which was forbidden during the month as well as accessories. Again, though, it was nice. I didn't have to think about anything I was going to wear. When we packed for vacation we took the smallest suitcase EVER and we packed EVERYTHING we could! ;) It showed me I didn't need to have even a fraction of the amount of clothing that I owned. It really is disgusting how much I own! I don't have a job everyday (other than Mommy and CPO, which rarely calls for anything other than my norm) and so it was a blessing to get to clean out my closet and give to others who may be in need!

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