Saturday, November 3, 2012

Creighton's Birthday #6

 Creighton's birthday landed on a Saturday. Even though we already had her party we always try to celebrate the actual birthday in unique ways. Apparently it pays to have a weekend actual birthday day! We had a blast and it was a PACKED day!
 A bike and a fish were on the TOP of her list for her birthday! Grandma Debbie got the fish and Grammy got her a very nice bike that she LOVES. It's very girly and pink! And she's so fast on it! She named the fish Brayton (after new cousin Brayton).
 First picture as a 6 year old!
 Birthday breakfast! They fancied it up being that it was her birthday and all! And special treat Grandma Debbie and Papa John were there for breakfast!
Shortly after breakfast Jackson and I went to another birthday party for 2 kids in his class while Creighton picked to go swimming with Charleigh and Daddy! They had a ton of fun!

 For our crazy packed evening, Creighton got to pick all that we did! One of her favorite restaurants is HuHot where she always orders (several) bowls of the same concoction: black beans, mild sausage and noodles...After dinner we celebrated at Baskin Robbins for dessert! She requested a cookie cake and I had already purchased that so we had both (well everyone else did, Mom and Dad weren't allowed (Month 1 of the 7) any of it :( and that wasn't very fun, but oh well). Nonna and Papaw joined us for all the festivities!

After dinner and dessert it was requested we go to Chuck E. Cheese where we had free tokens from the girls' birthdays to use! I didn't get any pics of Creighton but I snapped a few of Charleigh who LOVES Chuck E. Cheeses. Every time we go we somehow make bank for free. That's my kind of good time!

 One last final hoorah! (really late by this point in the night) I ordered a long time ago 6 floating lanterns for Creighton because she really wanted them so bad (from Tangled). I found a great deal (groupon) and ordered them immediately!  It took us a little while to get it going, but it was pretty awesome! And a great way to end her birthday and celebrate this sweet little girl of ours!

It floated about a mile or so. We watched and followed it in the car until it was down safely with no fire! :)

Creighton Teal,
I love you with a deep passionate love that I hope one day you'll understand. You and I, we are so very much alike it actually is painful for me to see. Unfortunately you inherited all of my bad qualities, things I despise about myself I see already in your young character. I am thankful that I can understand you better and that I can help you deal with these things now instead of when you're in your thirties. You are amazing and you have MANY gifts that are great things and will help you along your journey in life. You also inherited some great qualities and those will shine bright and you will be successful in just about everything you attempt in life. You can do and be and become ANYTHING you could ever dream of. You have so much power, so much determination, and such strength. There will be moments that life has got you down, but you MUST push through. You must find a way to rise to the top of the problem. It scares me, tremendously, that I see so much of me in you. It actually is making me appreciate you more, and myself too. Thank you. Thank you for being exactly who you are, who you're suppose to be, for you and for me. God doesn't make mistakes. You are a one of kind in that you are Creighton, and you are not me (although like I said you resemble me so very very much). But you were created with a master plan in mind. He designed you intimately to be uniquely you. There is joy and tenderness, and compassion, and love in you! You will find all of these things in life because they are within you. You can be tomboy, you can be girlie-girl, and you can be a perfect mixture of both. You're precious and beautifully and wonderful intelligent. You love to write and read, and talk! Boy, ever, do you love to talk and sing. You are always always doing, moving, dancing, running, trotting, signing, talking or sleeping. If you are awake though, you are on the go. You exhaust me with all your energy, and yet I love it about you at the same time. You still really love horses! You love the color pink and have left purple behind in the dust. You are becoming your own person and I am so glad. You are incredibly sensitive and love just sometimes look strange to others. :) You rarely slow down long enough to have deep conversations or cuddle anymore, but I love it when you do. I love to hear and see your imagination that thrills me to no end! You are extremely creative. You amaze me with your art, your dancing, your athletic ability, your creativity, and your motor skills! You are riding a bike (a 20" huge bike) like you've been riding for years! You're fast, you're loud, you're YOU. I love everything about you...I'll take the good the bad and the ugly. God has big plans for you little one. I cannot wait to see how it all unfolds. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be your Mommy! I love you. Happy Birthday!

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