Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My compassionate kids

The other day Jeff had the big kids and they were walking on the Pathfinder while Charleigh and I rested at home.  Creighton saw some trash and just started picking it up.  Thankfully she eventually found a bag so she didn't keep cramming it all against her body and clothing.  Jeff opened it up and she filled it and eventually 2 other bags were filled too as it became a contest to see who could pick up the most trash!  Cool kids of mine.  :)

On the same said adventure, they ran into a man.  Jeff said he looked homeless, but later realized he wasn't completely as he did have an apartment where he slept.  Anyway, along the way they were talking (and picking up trash) and the man mentioned in his story that he didn't have a family and hadn't since he was about 8 years old.  Jeff told me Jackson was in front of them walking, but listening intently to the story.  When the man was telling this to Jeff, Jackson began to pray for the man.  He prayed he would find a family and that the Lord would give him a new family.  I love his compassion for people.  He feels peoples hurts and has for a majority of his short life thus far.  Jeff didn't ask him to pray or mention it at all, but Jackson felt compelled to ask with the sweetest childlike faith that the Creator of the Universe would provide this man a family.  I'm humbled by his faith...oh that we'd remember to come before the throne as a child, and so quickly...he didn't ask dad what to do or a friend or his sister...he didn't try to comfort the man first, he hit the throne... I am a proud momma...I just wish I would learn to do things in that order with his confidence in God.

Tonight as I was getting the kids ready for bed and after we read a book I asked them what they wanted to pray for. Jackson just kept "thinking" but couldn't ever come up with anything. So I asked him if he would pray for me.  He asked why. I told him I was just really tired and sad because I missed Daddy.  He decided at first he didn't want to pray at all, but about 4 minutes later was out and ready to pray with me, for me.  He prayed the sweetest prayer I've ever heard.  I think he took those few minutes and just mulled over my sadness. I forget how tender his heart is.  He literally interceded on my behalf to the Father for exactly what I asked for.

I just love these sweet kids of mine...all of them.  Oh that I would remember so clearly these days...these moments. May they be etched on my heart forever....

Thank you Lord for my sweet babies!

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