Monday, February 7, 2011

Bits and Pieces of the Berg's SNOWmagedden 2011

 This was in the middle of the Blizzard snow and winds.  I had my mask on and took it off for the picture,  terrible mistake!  I am glad everyone else kept theirs on!  They played hard and built an awesome IGLOO
 Little bit did NOT get to go outside this time! It was too terribly cold and windy.
 Creighton and Jackson wanted to dress up.  Jackson's tux is a 4T and incredibly too small for him, but everything fit someone on his body :)  CHeck out those serious high waters!  And I didn't even know he put my shoes on till I saw the pictures.
 They came out and danced but since we were all stir crazy I went all out on Creighton's hair and she even got the special treat of makeup!  She looked too old, but beautiful nonetheless! :)
 I really liked her hair and it was a quick job too! (like 5 minutes)
 Taylor and Chris were snowed in with us!
 Creighton then wanted a special dance with her Daddy to the Taylor Swift was so cute. I was grinning ear to ear the whole time!

 Here is the igloo from the outside and below is the kids INSIDE the igloo standing up! I could almost stand up, but not all the way. It was great! I took a "time out" for about an hour in there one day :)  that was awesome!
 We did a multitude of crafts this week.  I didn't get many pictures of them though. They were SOOO messy. My kitchen was a wreck!  Charleigh likes being right in the middle of everything!
 I made SUPER YUMMY lemon candy.  This is right after I shattered it before I put in the bag.
 I was assigned to make playdoh for Creighton's class...I must say I make the best and softest playdoh in the world :)
 Then we made sugar cookies to decorate...that was a big hit. How can it not be?!
 Jax wanted blue icing and Rae wanted Purple. I LOVE it!
 Charleigh got a small cookie and just made a big mess and surprisingly didn't eat any of it!
 While we were busy doing this Daddy set up the fire! It was nice!
 Their finished products!

I am blessed with 3 beautiful children and a warm home and a loving husband.  I did more than my fair share of complaining and going insane this week, but it really wasn't so bad :) There were moments for sure I thought I might literally need to put in a padded room for me, but we all survived and made some sweet memories!  

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