Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lasts and Firsts

This past week has been a hard one.  It was the "lasts" week. Last Nikao, last Sunday morning, last this, last that...Lasts are not really fun.  I cried more on Wednesday day and through the night than I can remember crying in a long time.  Others cried too and that always makes it worse.  Being vulnerable and transparent is generally not a hard thing for me, so long as it doesn't involve crying :) then it just gets messy and I don't function quite like I normally do.  Oh yeah, and when my hubby cries, it's just bad.  I have this compassion thing---and I really do think I have a mental/emotional problem with this.  If something effects me, it's one thing, but when I mentally, emotionally, and somehow almost physically put myself in other's shoes, I just lose it.  And so I did. I lost it. Several times.

The whole "move" (it's hard to call it that when we haven't gone anywhere yet) has just been an increasing battle of patience, faith, trust, and fighting off Satan and his rude shenanigans at every turn.  I knew it wouldn't be easy, but I am not certain I was quite prepared for it all to unravel/unfold the way it has.

Tomorrow is the last last for the time being.  Jeff goes to Grace for one more day of work and we already cleaned out his office.  It's his last day.  Last staff meeting ever.  It's strange.

But then Tuesday starts a whole onslaught of firsts. So I am excited about that.  I think it's going to be equally hard but in other ways it'll be exciting and new and challenging...

We really still need the house to sell.  This is the most random post ever.

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