Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow Day again!

 This girl eats more than I swear she has room for. Her new love? CHIPS and SALSA (of any kind). Hilarious.  She goes to town!  Do you see that grin?!
 My sweet happy boy.  NO SCHOOL!
 And, wow. Rae I don't know if I love this face or should be scared...or both!?
 The get goofy

 Jackson and Daddy did a LOT of this! So fun to watch little mini me and the hubby.
 Daddy played hard with the girls!
 Pretty sure I caught a BITE-kiss on camera here.
 GOOFY kids love to horseplay
 I anticipated the snow day and so we went to Hobby Lobby and I let them pick out two crafts to paint.  I was right and it was a HUGE HIT today!  Creighton LOVES this silly pig so much.  She did a pretty good job painting and decorating it. I need to get a better picture now that its all finished and dried
 Jackson was fired up about his Pirate ship too! This is the first round of painting he did.  Again, I need a final pic now that there is MUCH MORE color on it.  He did a great job and it actually occupied his time quite longer than I anticipated.  Their other projects I will post pics of later. Creighton got a Crown purse type thing...turned out pretty cute and Jackson got a slithery snake.  He painted it like a Coral snake and of course picked the deadly one.  It's awesome.  Pics to come
 Charleigh went out last year in the snow but has zero recollection of that, so this was her first real snow play.  She was hilarious. She couldn't move at all.  Daddy dressed her like this. I switched her coat (see the below pic) so she had a little more freedom and then I put on Creighton's old snow boots, only 6 sizes too big...hilarious. I put them on over her Robeez shown above. I am pretty sure her feet weren't really even in there at all but at least they weren't wet!
 I really like this pic by Daddy!
 see how big those boots are on her?! She was a happy kid for A LOT longer than I expected in the snow and cold.  She loved it.
 Daddy finally came out after about 20 minutes of play (snow angels, snow balls, attempts at a snowman (way too powdery), sliding, swinging, shoveling, etc.  The real fun began when he came out.
 The first pic above (with Jeff and jax) shows the first thing...the tunnel.  Rae went through it once and pretty much destroyed it, so they went for the IGLOO!  AWESOMENESS!!!!
 Rae Rae loved it.  After a brief snack and potty break she was back out there for a long time!  Jackson lasted for the longest he's ever lasted.  About 2 hours I think with one small break in there somewhere.  That is Creighton inside the igloo.
 That is Jeff inside making it solid!  Such a good daddy!  We used about every possible inch of snow in our backyard!
 Big enough for both of the kids! Sweet smiles
And then of course Jeff thought it needed some shade so it wouldn't melt.

We did lots of other crazy things on our snow day too, but I just didn't take pictures. We drove to the library and then took the kids to run off some energy at McDonald's indoor playground.  They had a blast.  Dinner was there was disgusting as always.  I can't wait to be close to Chick-fil-A. I think I better buy stock now! :O) We had a glow stick bath.  We played Barbies.  We played wii.  I took a nap and have NO clue what they did during that time :) (good stuff!)  We did LOTS of arts and crafts...awesomeness!  It was a fun filled day around these parts.  I am ready for them to all go to school tomorrow though :)  We have the PODS unit in our driveway that MUST BE packed in the next 40 hours.

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