Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day fun

 Our first snow day!  We invited friends over.  Jax and Rae were just beside themselves waiting for them to get here!  But they played hard for the first 30 minutes and then we had a yummy lunch!  After lunch we found every pair of snow gear we had and outfitted everyone's needs!  SO fun!
 It only took me about 10-15 minutes to outfit them
 Cute smiles! Love this picture.  Maddie, Creighton, Jackson, & Colton
 The boys were all boy! Swords, snowballs, guns, and falling all over the snow
 The girls did snowangels, sliding, and played in the playhouse.

 It didn't take them but about 15 minutes to be too cold.  So we warmed up with hot chocolate and a movie Toy Story 3. :)
 The boys!  They are wild together, but I love it. The girls played so well and were so quiet in comparison.
The girls are now playing barbies and the boys are playing wii.  Everyone is playing well and getting along. I just love little friendships!  We will miss the Barnes family for sure!

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